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FieldsetPage containing repeater- Can't clone/duplicate repeater items


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I've created a repeater field and have tried to add it to a FieldsetPage field. I've noticed that when inside the FieldsetPage it doesn't allow the option to clone individual repeater items.

(I had originally posted this in the ProFields support forum thinking that it was isolated to repeatermatrix fields but have since seen the same result with standard repeaters, so just posting here in case anyone else has any ideas)

See below image that shows both scenarios (clone button highlighted red not showing when inside fieldsetPage field)


I'm sure there's probably a reason for this that I'm just not aware of, but just thought I'd check if this is intentional or if I have just found a bit of a bug?

Ideally, I'd like my client to be able to have the ability to clone items and plan to have quite a lot of repeater matrix types included here so thought I'd check as it may affect how I set up my templates.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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