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404 page not found (no site configuration or install.php available) calling index.php

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after a long time building again a site on processwire. I'm not a developer but had always fun working through processwire.

But I didn't ever have such problems:

Only uploading files and calling index.php throughs the error: "404 page not found (no site configuration or install.php available)"

Calling install.php directly works fine, but I would like to eliminate the error for not to get problems because of misconfiguration later on.

I tried with and without RewriteBase / , also tried to abandon the 1. Apache Options section - no result.


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So... first thought was: no mod_rewrite or a missing .htaccess file. But as you just uploaded everthing the .htaccess can't be there as the installer puts it in place while you install everything. As you weren't redirected to the installer the missing mod_rewrite support persists but... that shouldn't be the case on any modern hosting.

The question now is... what kind of setup are you using: 
Shared hosting, vServer, Laragon, XAMP, MAMP, or ... ?

Just in case: double check mod_rewrite support and as the file permissions. Maybe that's the problem. Just a guess.


Can you tell us a bit more about the PW version, PHP version, MySQL/MariaDB version, etc.?

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thank you so much for your fast and thorough help!

After hours of trying and testing, the solution is somewhat spooky: index.php opens if not specified in the URL, like so:
domain.de opens index.php (and install.php successively), domain.de/index.php throws the above 404-error.

I had index.php written in the URL because its a running site, with DirectoryIndex index.html

btw: pw latest edition 3.0.165, PHP 7.4, MySQl 5.7. Shared hosting (strato).

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13 minutes ago, wishbone said:

I had index.php written in the URL because its a running site, with DirectoryIndex index.html

So it seems to be server-side at this point.

Your setup overall looks totally fine if it's running within a hosted environment or Laragon/XAMP/MAMP... 

Try to install ProcessWire... look what comes up next... in most cases there shouldn't be any problems.

Can you tell us more about the environment, the hosting company or whatever you use?
Maybe there is somethings special about that environment. IONOS (1&1) are some kind of special - for example.

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thx again! hope not to run in more problems because of this.

At the moment, I can't do anything, I suppose.

It's strato, as mentioned above. Usually I use domainfactory. There are much more options for everything there.

I don't test on a local system b/c of possible problems with transfering, and I'm not a hero with the settings.

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There shouldn't be anything else. While Strato wouldn't be my first choice it's a fairly good option. I maintain a few ProcessWire sites on Strato hosting and they work flawlessly.

Migration is easy and the more often you do it, it will become super easy and kind of a routine.

The Duplicator module might be the best option here. A local dev environment makes it so much easier and more fun to work with ProcessWire.

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lots of new things! yes, duplicator could help, but I'm not doing pw-sites very often, so I stick to the live server for now.

Next problem occurs:

## started a new topic ##

"Unable to determine if Apache mod_rewrite (required by ProcessWire) is installed. On some servers, we may not be able to detect it until your .htaccess file is place. Please click the 'check again' button at the bottom of this screen, if you haven't already."

I checked again, tested, and the hoster also says, mod_rewrite is always enabled. Anyway, I redirect already non-www Urls to www and such which works.
I don't want to continue with this issue...

All these problems keep "Wordpress people" away from pw - so sry, b/c I myself, though a non-developer, like it so much and would wish it more popularity.

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