Duplicator by flydev 👊🏻

Duplicate, backup and transfer an entire site from one location to another.



  1. Download the module from the directory or Github
  2. Drop the module files in /site/modules/Duplicator/
  3. In your admin, click Modules > Refresh
  4. Click "install" for "Duplicator"
  5. Optional. Click "install" for "Duplicator - Packages Manager"
  6. Go to Setup > Duplicator and build your package!

SDK Installation (optional)

You can skip these instructions if you plan to only use the built-in features Local Folder or FTP/FTPS.

If you want to use GoogleDrive or AmazonS3, you have two choices of type of installation. Using Composer or downloading directly a ZIP archive from the repository.

Installing all SDK are not required, you can choose the one you need.

  • Dropbox dropped support for the version 1 of the API since september 2017 - api-v1-deprecation-timeline - so I removed it from Duplicator until I got the time to code an interface for the API v2
  • GoogleDrive tested the 2017-12-03 successfully
  • AmazonS3 tested the 2017-12-03 successfully
Using Composer

In the root directory of your ProcessWire installation, just type in a terminal :

  • composer require google/apiclient
  • composer require aws/aws-sdk-php
ZIP Archive

After downloading the archive, open it, you will find a folder called SDKs under each provider named directory. Extract or Upload this folder in the Duplicator module folder. If the folder already exist, merge it. Example: /www/public_html/site/modules/Duplicator/SDKs

Download it from the Duplicator-SDKs repository.

Now you can refresh the Duplicator's settings page, the corresponding checkbox will be enabled.

Installing a CRON job

Actually you have 3 choices to setup a cron job.

System CRON

The standard way

To edit a crontab through the command line, type: cronjob -e then add for example the following line to build a package once a day :

4 0 * * * php /www/mysite/wwwroot/site/modules/Duplicator/cron.php >/dev/null 2>&1



You can rely on PwCron to setup the job.

4 0 * * * php /www/mysite/wwwroot/site/modules/PwCron/cron.php >/dev/null 2>&1



Because it's triggered by a pageview, this choice can slowdown your site - LazyCron documentation

Notes :
For Windows

Please look at this answer on stackoverflow to set up it: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7195503/setting-up-a-cron-job-in-windows

Using a control panel ?

If you are running CRON via a panel, please rely on the documentation of your hosting provider. Do not hesitate to ping on the support forum thread.

Some hosting companies don’t allow access to cron

If this the case, you can rely on LazyCron module.

Example CRON delay table:
Every 1 minute*/1 * * * *
Every 15 minutes*/15 * * * *
Every 30 minutes*/30 * * * *
Every 1 hour0 * * * *
Every 6 hours0 */6 * * *
Every 12 hours0 */12 * * *
Once a day4 0 * * *
Once a week4 0 * * 0
Once a month4 0 1 * *

Providers Settings


Obtain credentials there: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials

A tutorial is available on the forum : Duplicator Dev Thread


Obtain credentials there: https://console.aws.amazon.com/iam/home


A bucket name should conform with DNS requirements:

  • Should not contain uppercase characters
  • Should not contain underscores (_)
  • Should be between 3 and 63 characters long
  • Should not end with a dash
  • Cannot contain two, adjacent periods
  • Cannot contain dashes next to periods (e.g., "my-.bucket.com" and "my.-bucket" are invalid)



Timeout usually happen if you are on a low-end budget host with limitations. The easiest way to solve this issue, is to use directory filters on some of your larger directories like your files, vendor, or even bower_components directory to get the size down. Then reinstall the package at the new location and then FTP all the files over that you filtered.

Hosting Provider Issue List:

  • 1and1 Shared hosting (resolved by using Filters)
  • Dreamhost hosting (resolved using the Archive Flush option); Need to be tested again.



What is the primary goal of this module ?

Duplicator is a module which duplicate and deploy your website on a new host. It can be used as backup utility too.

And how it works ?

Duplicator will create a ZIP archive called package bundled with a full database backup and all your files. This package is stored on local disk or in the cloud and can be used to restore your website. The package is also used in the deployment process.

Is it compatible with PW2 ? Guess not.

Yes! Duplicator is compatible with ProcessWire 2.7.2, 2.8.x and 3.x.x.

I don't use composer. Any other way to install ?

Just download the SDK you are looking for from the repository.

It is possible to do a manual backup without changing the module's Event trigger ?

Yes, simply click on the "Initiate Backup Process" button from the Package Manager.

Can I backup my site from scheduled cron job ?

Yes, in order to get it working, you are required to install PwCron, then read our doc about setting up a cron job.

I'm on windows. Will "CRON" job works ?

Without any problem. (Look at this answer to set up it: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7195503/setting-up-a-cron-job-in-windows)

Can I exclude files or folders from a package ?

Yes, you can exclude a single file, filter them by extension or exclude a whole folder. Keep in mind that excluding core files or folder will not allow your deployed site to work.

Can I download a package after creation ?


Can I manage my packages in the cloud ?


Does the module screen is protected by role/user ?

Yes, the permission set is duplicator. User with this permission can initiate a backup, download or sync a package. The module's settings is only accessible to superuser.

Special thanks

  • Duplicator's logo made by @szabeszg
  • The processwire community

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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