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Create an editor role for just one language


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One of my customers needs to have his site translated by a publisher. He asks me if it is possible to create a role that could only edit the German version of the pages, without permission on the English version.

I haven't found any permission related to this need, but maybe it's possible from a hook?

Thank you for your help


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It's possible using the native permission system by creating page-edit-lang-[language] permissions, i.e. both page-edit-lang-default and page-edit-lang-de (or however German language is named in this PW instance) and only giving page-edit-lang-de to your translators (your regular editors roles gets both). To prevent translators from changing non-multilanguage fields, you also need to create a page-edit-lang-none permission and assign that to the regular editor roles, but not the translator role. This blog post gives a good introduction to the underlying concept.

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