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MarkupPagerNav displays same results


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I will preface this by saying I have checked (multiple times) per template (both parent and child, to be totally sure) that they are set to allow pagination.

What's happening is that my first page of results keeps displaying, despite /page2/ being in the URL. The pagination markup also indicates I am still on page one. This is happening across multiple types of paginated pages.

$pagination = $pager->render($results, $poptions);

The options are just markup...

$poptions = array( 
	  'numPageLinks' => 5,
	  'listClass' => 'uk-pagination',
	  'linkMarkup' => "<a href='{url}'>{out}</a>",
	  'currentItemClass' => 'uk-active',
	  'separatorItemLabel' => '<span>&hellip;</span>',
	  'separatorItemClass' => 'uk-disabled',
	  'currentLinkMarkup' => "<span>{out}</span>",
	  'nextItemLabel' => '<i class="uk-icon-angle-double-right"></i>',
	  'previousItemLabel' => '<i class="uk-icon-angle-double-left"></i>',
	  'nextItemClass' => '', // blank out classes irrelevant to Uikit
	  'previousItemClass' => '',
	  'lastItemClass' => '',

In the header, I call for the module and the options include:

	$pager = $modules->get('MarkupPagerNav'); 

Aside from the usual "check that you allowed pagination" advice, what issue might these symptoms indicate?

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