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Troubles with pagination. As always.


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I'm trying to build a search module.
See my rep here https://github.com/dtjngl/simpleSearch.git

Once installed, you should be able to test it, just make sure you adjust $this->indexedCategories in the module's init() function. (I will change this later to be defined in the module's config file instead.) 

Then use the public functions to render the different parts of the search page:

echo '<div id="filters">';
echo $simpleSearch->renderFilters();
echo '</div>';

echo '<div id="criteria">';
echo $simpleSearch->renderCriteriaMarkup();
echo '</div>';

echo '<div id="paginationstring">';
echo $simpleSearch->renderPaginationString();
echo '</div>';

echo '<div id="overview">';
echo $simpleSearch->renderOverviewMarkup();
echo '</div>';

echo '<div id="search-results">';
echo $simpleSearch->renderResultsMarkup();
echo '</div>';

echo '<div id="pagination">';
echo $simpleSearch->renderPaginationMarkup();
echo '</div>';

The problem with the pagination:

the entries seem to paginate alright

the entries seem to paginate alright

pagination links DON'T show up at all!

I don't know what I'm still not getting about pagination and what I'm doing wrong. When do I fetch and where do I store all the results? And at which point do I paginate the results? It just never makes sense to me. Any help and advice is much appreciated.

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OK I figured it out. It appears that when I render the results, I need to amend the selector's start and limit, but when I render the pager, I cannot do that, I need to use the methods




I need to remember to not mix this up in the future. 

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