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ckeditor – adding lnline styles to a tags

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i'm using a pw-page to output a newsletter-email and send it via promailer.
this page has a textarea-field (ckeditor).

i searched a lot but was able to find out how to automatically add inline style to a-tags. like:

<a href="#" style="color:red;"></a>

adding a class via mystyles.js or config.js will not work because it's a newsletter-email. mail-apps would override class-styles. it has to be inline

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thx @Jonathan Lahijani, i'm not a pro and don't know how to do your workaround.

but it tried it with simple str_replace() and it works 🙂

$content = $page->body;
echo str_replace("<a","<a style='color: red'",$content);


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