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Pagetable elements, page clone/copy unpublishes original elements


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there are some things that need to come together to reproduce this, so not sure if this is a bug, but since this fell on our feed in a production site just now, I wanted to document it here.

Happened in production with a 3.0.33, tested additionally with a fresh empty local ProcessWire 3.0.98 Master in "blank" profile.

Modules needed to be active: ProFields:PageTable v0.1.3, Page Clone (Core) v1.0.3.

Settings (see settings.png attached):

  • Have a dedicated page where the PageTable elements are to be stored (so not save them as a child of the page that has the PageTable field)
  • Have the  "Page behaviors" set to unpublish an element when its parent is unpublished


Steps to reproduce:

Create a page with the PageTable field.

Create some content items with the page table field.

Publish the elements and changes to the page.

Look in page tree at the page that stores the PageTable elements. As is to be expected, you see the elements, published.

Now, click on the name of the page with the PageTable field, and choose "copy" from the actions (this only appears when you have installed the PageClone core module).

Now you have a (unpublished) copy of the first page.

Look again in the page tree for the stored PageTable elements: Now you have twice as many elements, and ALL are unpublished. So by duplicating a page, the contents of the original page are altered/unpublished. Since this is unexpected and happens without any indication to the editor, this creates a bad situation esp. for pages where already a mix of published and unpublished PageTable elements  has been before.

Expected behavior:

Leave the original page and Pagetable elements alone ? aka wouldn't expect that making a copy of a page will alter the published state of the origal page's contents. Also (not directly related to this effect) expected to see the copied PageTable Elements suffixed with "(Copy)" in the page tree, as it happened with the copied page.



See screenshots for illustration.






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Ah. But this is the interesting thing; I downloaded a plain new processwire w/o any additional modules. installed it locally with a new db. The module was already there, needed only to be activated. I think this used to be a ProField, but now is core, but kept the name (?)

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