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Hi Guys,

Right now, I am using parents as breadcrumbs but I have pages under a parent page just to keep things organized. The pages are called in other areas of the site. 

I am trying to create user path history breadcrumbs.

Meaning: If the user clicked a link to the page, it will show the path he took. Has anyone done this? Would love to see who has before I dive in.


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PW has an option to keep a history of pageviews in $session. You use a setting in /site/config.php to define how many history items you want to keep...

// Keep the last 10 pageviews in the session history
$config->sessionHistory = 10; 

 ...and then get a multi-dimensional array of history data with...

$history = $session->getHistory();

You could use this history to build your breadcrumb trail from.


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