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Seeking PW Pro to create a marketing website


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We are small German software company and need a Processwire expert helping us to set up a marketing website.


  • Modern minimalistic design
  • Responsive, Bootstrap 4, Sass/Less compiler, SVG support, multi-lingual
  • Final "style.css" should only include classes, actually used on the site.
  • Clean, lean, minimized html/css output.A  We are speed addicts.
  • WP page builder like feature to add components on a page as required (carousels, accordions, testimonials, responsive two columns feature rows,  multi-card rows, etc.).
  • Features to allow to create/edit online software documentation (auto toc generation)

The marketing website part is just the beginning. Additional parts (shop, newsletter, forum integration, customer backend, etc.) will follow. We are looking for a longtime partner.

Preferably in (Southern) Germany.


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Hi there

I'm in the UK but can help with this definitely - I've integrated the forum software we use here into ProcessWire (user logins, topic creation etc) and the rest sounds similar to a project I completed a couple of months ago actually ?

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as i'm in south germany...i could provide some kind of experience change and fast entry in all terms and things that are PW specific as kind of briefing or consulting.

Also i could provide demoaccess to client pages from me, or examples that show you some kind of Page Builder Systems, since i've build some.

On topics like forum integration and other tasks i've to admit that there were much more experienced people around...;)

PM me if you are interestet in a call.

Best Regards Martin

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