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Where is the tutorial section gone?

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hi vitor,

thanks but no, there was an own tutorial section which was not part of the api section. but it has disappeared.

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I'm not sure it is official but I see it here ../tutorials/quick-start/

I think Ryan moved it and it is "in progress".

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I haven't actually moved any tutorials, at least not that I'm aware of. I see your comment on this page:


As far as I know, that Quick-start one is the only Tutorial that's ever been in there. Although there are several subpages below it. However, those were all written by one of our users for ProcessWire 2.0, and they've not been updated since. So I worry a little about how applicable they still are.

The only other places I know of that we have tutorials are the Tutorials forum here and here: http://wiki.processwire.com/index.php/Small_Project_Walktrough

Let me know if I'm missing something?

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hello all,

the mysterion is explained: i simply made a cut and paste mistake when looking for the tutorial. the right url is http://processwire.com/tutorials/quick-start/images/ and there it is.

i found it very helpfull when working with images on my first pw project and haven't found anything that wasn't applicable as far as i can judge this.

anyway, apologies for the hassle and many thanks for your replies.

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Dear PW,

I started yesterday with slowly climbing the pw mountain and looking through all docs I find.

From some links in this forum I think that there is something missing here:


Shouldn't there be some links to more tutorial sections?
For instance a link going to this site:

For now there is only a short introduction to the tutorial but no tutorial itself.

Or am I just not getting it?

Thanks for your help!


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