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This week's version of ProcessWire on the dev branch is 3.0.69 and it includes several minor bug fixes. This week's post focuses in on a new module released today called Login for Facebook, which I think many might find useful, and we've got all the details here:


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Thanks for this module!!!


You can choose to have all Facebook logins map to the same user account, but the default behavior is to have it automatically create new ProcessWire user accounts for each Facebook user.

I am wondering, because "mapping to the same user account" is always disabled. Creating a new user account for each Facebook login user will lead to problems in my case, because I dont allow to register an email address twice. (fe. same email address on Facebook Login and default login). This is because I have a "forgot password" link on my frontend where you have to enter the email address only to get an email with a new password. If there are two equal email addresses in the DB this leads to problems.

I dont want to rewrite it to enter the username in addition to the email address, because sometimes people forget username and password.

So how can I map all FB Logins to one user account?

It will also be a great addition if it would be possible to connect facebook logins to the default user account.

Fe. if someone is logging in with FB and the same email address is also stored in the user DB, then the user will be asked if he wants to connect his FB Account with the default account.

If "yes" then the user will be asked to enter his password to verify this is his own default account. If the password is entered correctly than the FB Login Account will be connected to the default account.

Best regards Jürgen


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I found this line of code in config.php line 131:

$f->addOption(0, $this->_('Make all Facebook users point to the same ProcessWire user'), array('disabled' => 'disabled'));

Should I remove the disabled array to make it work or is there another possibility without changing the code?

Best regards

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