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A ski website

Guy Verville

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I am glad to present our recent website. It was made, of course, with Processwire and this is the first time we use this CMS in our company. The website (in French only) is aimed to gather ski results from four youth ski clubs (our clients). The administrators needed something easy to use and be able to import XML ski results after a race. Those results are divided between ages (four categories, girls and boys), each ski category having its own rules for distribute points and ranking.

The administrators wanted also a place where representatives of each club could post photos (elite team only).

Processwire was the perfect candidate for this site which is fully mobile.


Race calendar and results

(click on this archived season to see the whole process since the present season has not yet begun as the writing of this post.)


Annual ranking


Documents (use of hanna code to place and identify type of document)


Photo albums


Elite clubs



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Nice design! It takes time to download the assets though. I noticed that tiny icons and logos are around 600-700kb each, why is that? Say album-arrow.png is 636kb, but after I have optimized it, it is down to 300 bytes only. This is just one example, there are lots of others.

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You should use sites like Google's Page Speed Test or Web Page Test to test how fast your sites are: 

I think currently the unoptimised images are killing your site's scores but appreciate it was rushed out and not optimised.



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Hi Francis,

I know those tools. Perhaps I was too eager to show this site before optimizing it. We didn't stressed that much this aspect because the client doesn't need to be known. That seems weird, but there is no Google Analytics set on this site. Why? Because this is almost an intranet of a sort. Anyway, that doesn't excuse anything.

As the Webpagetest tells, there is another more irritating aspect : the first byte latency.

Those statistics are to be taken with a grain of salt also. The visitor gets visuals after 1.5 sec (http://www.webpagetest.org/video/view.php?id=161230_DH_MDH.1.0). What takes so long are those images in the photo album which aren't that optimized even though there is a routine to implement srcset/sizes alternatives, and also the buttons (I don't understand that there aren't svg. I'll ask the team to redo that).

So, too soon to present this. :-(

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20 hours ago, Guy Verville said:


So, too soon to present this. :-(

I guess you had a deadline of sorts.  But still, I'm always weary of showing anything that is not either complete or falls below what I think the Client expects.

Been at the wrong end of it too many times for no reason of my doing.

20 hours ago, szabesz said:

Never mind @Guy Verville! It's a nice site, thanks for showcasing it. It is just that this forum is full of developers, so we cannot help it but comment... :P 

.... or help out with (mostly) constructive suggestions ... 

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