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I found this website to be very interesting take on pricing websites and other development tasks.  


 I will be referencing this link to my clients so that they can get a realistic view of how things are priced.   Depending on where you live, this may or may not be much help to web developers/designers.

Good Day.

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Wow, I need to up my prices. :)

US$5000 for a 4-9 page CMS website with no special features? Nice work if you can get it.

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And a simple logo for $3,050, that's cool too! I would be rich by now if I could charge like that... Anyway I like the site. It's just perfect to scare the hell out of my clients :D so that they can be pleased by my prices...

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6 minutes ago, bernhard said:

is your budget < 10.000$ ? ---> build a website :D

easy peasy lemon squeezy :P

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Are you sure it is a good idea to show your clients a way to your competitors? What if they decide to choose Crew.co instead of services you offer?)
I think this app was build to attract attention of potential clients, and as marketing strategy it works perfectly well. But if you want to know how companies calculate the price of software development here is an interesing article https://qubit-labs.com/realistic-software-development-cost-estimation-agile-projects/.

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Site I'm (possibly) about to work on: $8,700 – $10,440

Whaaaaa? That's around £7000. I don't think the "That's a bit beyond our budget" answer would even come, they'd be lying stone cold dead on the floor from the shock.

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