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Summarize Field Data


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Hi Folks,

I've got a site with some contact and quote forms which get sent to my client and get saved as pages so the client has a record of the submitted forms. He'd like to analyse some of the form data. So for instance, there's a field that asks 'where did you hear about us?' with select options like 'Advertisement', 'Google', 'Recommendation', 'Magazine', etc. I'd like provide a page so the client could see how many respondents chose 'Google' vs 'Advertisement', etc. A simple tally would be fine, but then I could calculate percentages, maybe chart the results, etc.

My first thought was to use $pages->count('selector') to count the pages with a certain answer. I'd know what percentage that was by comparing it to the total of saved pages for that form. But would I need to do this for each question? Is there a better way to tally/count all the answers for a given field?

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If the select fields are Page fields you can use a function like this:

function calculateProportions($field_name) {
    $pages = wire('pages');
    $field = wire('fields')->get($field_name);
    // Only proceed if field is a Page field
    if($field->type->name !== 'FieldtypePage') return;
    // Get templates the field has been added to
    $tpls = $field->getFieldgroups();
    // We need a page object to supply to some upcoming methods
    $p = new \ProcessWire\Page();
    $inputfield = $field->getInputfield($p);
    // The options for the field
    $select_options = $inputfield->getSelectablePages($p);
    // Use whichever type of total suits you best...
    $total_pages = $pages->count("template=$tpls"); // pages that contain the field
    //$total_pages = $pages->count("$field_name!=''"); // pages where the field is not empty

    $out = array();
    foreach($select_options as $select_option) {
        $count = $pages->count("$field_name=$select_option");
        $proportion = $count / $total_pages;
        $out[$select_option->title] = $proportion;
    // Function returns an array: option title => proportion
    return $out;

And for each question (Page field)...

$results = calculateProportions('my_page_field_name');

If you are using FormBuilder with fields of the "Select" type you could modify the function to suit. I think you get the array of select options with...

$form = $forms->get('my_form_name');
$select_options = $form->get('my_select_field_name')->getOptions();


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Thanks, Robin S! I'm using neither Page Fields nor the FormBuilder, but (relatively new) Options Field Type. But I just did a test with a Page Field to get my head around your code, and I think I get it. I've also read up on the Options field type and will take a stab at putting something together. Thanks for pointing me in the right directions.

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