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Weird permissions issue after upgrading to latest dev release (Dev 2.6.22 rc 1)


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Hi all!

I hope somebody could help me to figure out this weird issue I've found.

Few days ago I've upgraded my local installation to the latest dev release (2.6.20 -> 2.6.22 rc1) and performed some tests to be sure everything was working as expected. No problem at all.

After these tests, I decided to do the upgrade to the remote installation, too. Here the problems came.

The upgrade was done without any issue or error message. Everything was ok, but permissions don't work as expected.

I've an author role with limited editing permissions (page-add/create for children pages, and page-edit-created) that works as expected on local installation, but doesn't works at all on remote installation. Only page-view permission is still available for some pages. Some pages expected to be editable, now don't have any permission available (neither the page-view permission), even whether I remove any kind of access control, PW still complains that the role hasn't the required permission for adding or editing.  :'(

Any help is really welcome. Thx!

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Hi maba,

page-publish was not set for this role. Unfortunately, adding (and then removing) this permission doesn't change the result.  :(

If I remove the page-edit permission, PW makes me login and nothing else (as it correctly should be) but when enable the page-edit permission again, the same issue happens.

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@ryan I've checked my both installations. The local one has not the page-publish permission. The remote one has it.

I did remove the permission from the remote one and nothing changed. Still have not the permission to edit and add pages for user author. 

The local one works as expected, instead (without page-publish permission installed).

It seems PW doesn't see the changes in user's permission, but enabling/disabling page-edit permission.

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I think I've found where the problem was.

Since I've installed Language Support on remote installation (which wasn't installed on local one), I've to enable page-edit-lang-* together the page-edit-created permission.

I'll further investigate into role's and page's permissions to see if I've messed with some setting.

@maba @ryan thanks a lot for the replies. 

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