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  1. Thanks you @gmclelland yours tips works for me with ProcessWire 3.0.184. Just i have written "customstyles" rather than "custom-styles" in step 2. Maybe it will help someone.
  2. I find a solution. I don't know how to remove the question.
  3. I would love to put HTML markups (created dynamically by ProcessWire) in a JSON file. Then I could reach it by an ajax call. I know that I have to escape double quotes in the html string by adding "\" like below. { "title": "Title", "data": "<main id=\"container\"><div class=\"my-class\">My data created my ProcessWire templates</div></main>" } But I don't know how to do it dynamically. There is a ProcessWire trick? or sould I write my own function?
  4. Thanks @matjazp. I will do it by hand! I had almost forgotten that good old method.
  5. Thank you @bernhard. Yeah I know that module. Unfortunately my client doesn't have any money for that. I'm looking for a free module/solution but I didn't found it.
  6. Thank @wbmnfktr I would like to minimize multiple JS files into one file.
  7. Hello, Is it OK to install this module with Processwire (3.0.123)? Can we use it yet? Thank you !
  8. Hello, I use ProcessWire 3.0.96. My client would like to use this narrow non-break CKEditor :  &#8239; This space character is used in french punctuation. It's doesn't work whereas I can use the non-breaking space (&nbsp;) There is a way to use it ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello ! I use Batch child editor (1.8.10) to import a CSV file (6500 raws) to create new pages. It's works ! But the module only import 5500 raws. My screen display "504 Gateway Time-out". There is a way to import all the raws in one time AND before the time out? Thanks in advance Web host config: PHP version 7.1 MySQL : v.5.5 ProcessWire: 3.0.96.
  10. Hello, So we don't need to change anything in wire/config.php? We keep the default value below: $config->sessionFingerprint = 1; That's right?
  11. You are right. I was inspecting with Firefox decoder tool which is not displaying nbsp whereas Chrome decoder tool (see image below) display them. Thank you @Robin S you made my day whereas is only 8:30am in Paris!
  12. Thank you @Robin S I am very glad to be part of the fantastic PW community. You are right I put &nbsp; Unfortunately with the same settings it still not working for me as you can see below
  13. Hello, I use CK editor with ProcessWire 3.0.96 and I am not able to use a non-breaking space (nbsp). When I put an nbsp in the "Source" window in CK Editor nothing happened to the client side, the markup is removed. My configuration below: Content Type: Markup/HTML Edito Mode: Inline Editor Use ACF? Yes Use HTML Purifer? Yes Convert div tag to paragraphs tags Yes Remove empty paragraph tags Yes Remove non-breaking spaces (nbsp) No I put nbsp; in Extra Allowed Content field but nothing happened. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
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