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  1. vincent

    Thanks for your response, Andreas. I forked the repository on Github but actually it is archived and in read-only mode. I can't add a pull request. I will wait to see if Pierre-Luc come here, or maybe contact him by PM.
  2. vincent

    Hi everyone, I created a new version of this language pack for supporting ProcessWire 3.x : Since the GitHub repository was last updated in December 2016, I don't know exactly what to do with my version. Should I create a new module in the Language Packs directory? There could be the "French Language Pack (fr-FR)" and the "French Language Pack (fr-FR) for ProcessWire 3.x". Have a nice day!
  3. vincent

    Hi @BFD Calendar I know it’s been a long time since you have reported your issue-almost one year. But I experienced the same issue on the same provider (OVH) and I found a solution. Maybe it can help: in my client interface my global PHP configuration was still set to "Legacy", I changed it to « stable » and I am now able to use the Processwire upgrade module. It can also be done in the .ovhconfig file by changing "container.image=legacy" to "container.image=stable".
  4. vincent

    @netcarver your version fixes the conflict in my installation. Thank you !
  5. vincent

    Hello @adrian and @netcarver I think I have the same issue here. When I try to hide the tab "Settings", I can't add a new repeater field item on a page if I'm logged in as a non-superuser. With other choices ("Children", "Restore", etc) there is no conflict.