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  1. I hadn't noticed the expireSeconds part of config.php before. I'll set that higher, should hopefully help. Thanks!
  2. Hey Everyone, Before I get to the issue, thought I'd say hi. I've been using processwire for about a year now for a bunch of small web projects but haven't made a forum account yet. I've really had a great time using it. So far I haven't had any issues that haven't been solved by reading the API or going through the forums. However, it seems that time has finally come. Basically, I keep getting logged out of PW admin. There doesn't seem to be too much of a pattern governing after what amount of time it happens unfortunately. Sometimes 30seconds, sometimes 3 minutes. Today, I was getting logged out everytime I clicked a link on the admin page (any edit, new, save, etc). I saw this forum post: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2723-strange-loading-and-logout-issues-in-the-admin/?hl=logout and followed what was done there. However, that hasn't really fixed any of my issues. There hasn't been anything in the error log (not that I really expected there to be). For all I know, this could be something on my end. I'm using the newest version of firefox for what it's worth. Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated, I'll really try anything anyone things might work. Thanks! -Chase
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