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  1. Orodreth

    Fixed User Name update when changing email: ... protected function ___processProfileForm(InputfieldForm $form) { ... if($this->allowFeature('login-email')) { // update name to be consistent with email $name = $this->emailToName($email); //-- THIS VALIDATES EMAIL-TO-NAME ... BUT DOES NOT CHANGE USER NAME $reason = ''; if(!$this->allowName($name, $reason)) { $emailField->error($this->_('Unable to change to new email address') . " ($reason)"); $emailField->val($user->email); $email = ''; } else { $user->set('name', $name); //-- ADDED THIS ELSE CONDITION TO UPDATE USER NAME } } if(strlen($email)) { $user->set('email', $email); $this->message(sprintf($message, $emailField->label)); } ...
  2. Orodreth

    I have a new install of ProcessWire 3.0.98 and have installed the module LoginRegister, which seems to be functioning as expected, with the following exception: The module is configured with [x] Use email address for login rather than user name After registration is confirmed and the user has an account, and they are logged in, they can edit profile. If the user changes email address on the profile and submits the form, it will change the email address correctly. But the user name is not being updated to the new email - as confirmed by going into Admin > Users and seeing the user with modified email, but original "name". The module appears to have a section on profile edit that will update the user name if the email address login is active... LoginRegister.module line 924: // update name to be consistent with email Is there another settings that I have to change to make this functional?
  3. Orodreth

    Hi Kongondo! I am really liking your Blog module (v2.4.1). And I have a question (processwire 3.0.62): Under the section for Tags, I have a child tag that is parented to /tags/ Then I created a grandchild tag and it is parented to /tags/ but I want to change its parent to /tags/child/ When I try to do so, the UI only shows parent /child/ and when I save I get an error saying that the parent should be /tags/child/ Do I need to do something extra? Or is the parenting child to grandchild broken somehow?