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  1. I still have the $session->redirect as well for the mail send. but for the other else statements it accepts the action redirection. I am happy it works. But now i want to actually use invisible recaptcha. So gonna change the code.
  2. Okay. I was checking out the whitelist but couldn't make it to work. Thought about javascript forcing to go to the form section etc. But in the end this also does to trick for me. just ad the action to the form with action="#contact-form"
  3. I did that before. But that didn't do anything. Just tried it again but it doesn't show the value. That's why I use the session instead,
  4. Alright, I put the name field in the sessions and show it in the input field $session->name = $sanitizer->text($input->post->name); value="<?php echo $session->name; ?>"> It shows again after reload and updates etc. But it's also visible when refreshing the homepage for example. (i put the contact form in the footer, so it's always visible). Anyway, It shows the last filled in data, instead of being blank after a normal page refresh.
  5. Wow fast answer! Thanks! After submitting it redirects But I also want it to redirect after someone forgot a field. I used the same code after the last flashmessage but it works partly. It redirects back but saves the form input only when all is filled out (except for the recaptcha ofcourse). If one required field is forgotten everything is blank again after redirecting. Any ideas for that? Thanks
  6. Great contact form. I have a question about it. When submitting the form and you forget a field it reloads to the beginning of the page. Is there a way that when reloading/submitting the form, you will go directly to the form section again? For example, i want to put the contact form in the footer. But I get redirected to the top of the page everytime i click submit. I use iframe for now, but maybe there is also another solution? Thank you!
  7. Thank you for the quick reply. Okay, i solved the problem. I didn't put the brackets around $option->$title. Now i did and it's working fine
  8. I am trying to get the multilingual drop-down output to work. However i am failing. I am using the newest process wire version 3.062 with multilingual profile installed. I am playing with the code and rewrote the code also. but i get the same output. Only the English drop down list and behind the language code of the selected language. ---- This is the code i am using now. $lan = $user->language; $options = $fieldtypes->get('FieldtypeOptions')->getOptions('YOURFIELDNAME'); foreach($options as $option) { echo $option->title{$lan} }; I am searching for multilingual fields. https://processwire.com/api/multi-language-support/multi-language-fields/ And came accros this. $page->of(false); getLanguageValue Do I have to use this as well? I am a bit confused how to use that. Please advice Thank you
  9. You already find a solution for this? I came accros the same problem as i wanted to add custom anchor links. Thanks!