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  1. things went wonky after they got that "big investor" on board and started talking about taking on the big three. but don't worry, according to most of their blog posts, everything's "amazing"
  2. maybe. but it should grow by itself (grasswroots). "ambassador" ...*shudder* all modx managed to do, was to alienate the community, surround itself with cheerleaders and throw around with empty buzzwords. IMO, I feel that processwire got the right energy and momentum anyway. no need to force/push harder rather focus on making the product even better.
  3. please not from modx. i find anything strategy/marketing related from modx rather bad, confusing and annoying
  4. and "alles klar?" ... everyone who travelled northern africa knows it
  5. most of the time I end up wearing my earbuds for two hours, but forget to turn any music on *edit: Martijn, love that Lollywood song and video
  6. got a spare ö laying around, fell free to use it
  7. fenton

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Kongondo, it's like a modx refugee camp here welcome cheers, "sharkbait"
  8. oh dear, I know the picture (series) you got this head from
  9. Hi mangopo, loads fine here (slow connection 0.4 Mbit/s) Firebug/network console shows lot of waitin for FB related stuff though, e.g LikeBox 1,5s cheers, j
  10. i'd say, it's the best approach for delivering appropriately sized content images at the moment overall
  11. hey Ryan, check this out: http://responsiveimages.splyte.de/ it's a barebones setup. i found out, that if the cookie is set by referencing the js file, the resolution isn't stored correctly. if i set the cookiy by including the script directly, everything works as expected. cheers, jan
  12. maybe it's something with his setup on that site, try it with this demo: http://mattwilcox.net/archive/entry/id/1053/
  13. i just tried it with FF & checked with the Webdeveloper Bar, actually it only loads the right image. maybe you need to clear the cookies first? *see screenshot, i even didn't delete the cookie for this one
  14. Ryan, thanks for your reply! i'm a bit confused, because he actually says on his website: do you know in what way bandwidth is actually saved with his approach? thanks, jan
  15. Hi Ryan, well, haven't built a responsive site so far, only read a couple of articles, so i'm not too savey on that topic:) Commonly i would predefine (or tell the client) to only use 2 sizes of images to be inserted in the content, because many different sized images would look odd, i think. i assume loading time would definitely benefit, if you only need to load the small version of an image for the mobile site. thanks, jan
  16. hi guys, that's an iteresting approach! how could this be used with content-images, inserted via wysiwyg editor? cheers, j
  17. nice, i got a cameo role in that screencast in form of a tweet well done
  18. Hi everybody nice to see the project getting so much momentum! not sure if it's already on the roadmap, but just in case it isn't, i would like to add an alternative option of managing a large amount of documets other than via document-tree. from the official roadmap: i'm currently a MODx user, and for a certain type of post's (news/blog) i find the document-tree view rather cumbersome. the approach was once picked up by community members, but i think it's stalled atm (crude example): http://imgur.com/a/EvSpL what do you guys think? cheers, jan *edit* i mean as an option for a certain part of the document-tree, not in general
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