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  1. Thanks Horst. Your confirmation made me think a bit harder about what I was asking of the 2 systems to do and I found out I hadn't changed one setting in Opencart which made it go back to the root folder instead of the shop folder thereby handing control back to Processwire. Sometimes you just need confirmation that you are doing one step right to lead you in the right direction to find the real problem. Much appreciated. Robert
  2. Is the right way to get Processwire to skip a folder (ie not process it as its running a different CMS) to put RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/shop/.*$ just before RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?it=$1 [L,QSA] in .htaccess?
  3. I have a processwire implementation that is in the root and I've added 2 Opencart ecommerce packages to the subfolders 'shop' and 'test' I would like to use Opencarts redirect in those 2 folders so I can use nice (and SEO friendly) URLs but via Opencart not Processwire. I have added the 2 lines into the .htaccess file in the root just above RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?it=$1 [L,QSA] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/shop/.*$ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/test/.*$ But when ever I turn on the feature in Opencart and it wants to go to: https://www.obs.ie/shop/refuse_bins I get a page not found page from Processwire Is this maybe something to do with https ??? Thanks for the help Robert
  4. Found a problem when the webiste is on a different port number (http:\\ the backup fails. The logs list: 1 hour ago 2018-09-07 12:53:33 admin /processwire/setup/duplicator/?action=backup_n… - package build failed. 1 hour ago 2018-09-07 12:53:33 admin /processwire/setup/duplicator/?action=backup_n… - an error occured during package build. 1 hour ago 2018-09-07 12:53:33 admin /processwire/setup/duplicator/?action=backup_n… - an error occured while building the ProcessWire structure. It is adding the colon(:) into the filename of the zips. I changed the code in DupUtil.php on line 48 to filter the colon(:) out and replace it with a period: FROM: $filename = $date . '-' . str_replace(' ', '_', $name); TO: $filename = $date . '-' . str_replace(':', '.', str_replace(' ', '_', $name)); There may be a better place to put this in but it does the trick! Thanks for the plugin - it's my goto for securing backups. Yours truly Robert
  5. I'll see if I can (flat out at the moment but needed an email image module for Processwire as Ryan's isn't supported in PW 3)
  6. Hi @adrian I tried the new version of Flourish and it's the same. I also switched to PHP 7.0.4 and it still does the same. Whereas my improved version works in both versions of PHP. The problem that Werner and I had isn't to do with PHP 7 or HTTPS vs HTTP rather connecting to the POP3 server using an unsecured connection (Force secure set to off). My version fixes the fMailbox.php file while keeping all security settings in place. I've included it for anybody who comes across this same problem. fMailbox.php
  7. I was getting the same error as Werner Pilnei but I am using PHP 5.6.19 so can't be a PHP 7 thing. It says that it can't make a secure connection but I have Force Secure off (on POP3) in the settings so couldn't understand why it was trying a secure connection? I added echo("this-secure - ".$this->secure); just before the fsockopen command in line 963 and it came back as FALSE so that is working but when I added echo("this-secure".$this->secure ? 'tls://' . $this->host : $this->host); it came back with tls://mail.caltd.ie That's not right I thought and changed the line (963) $this->connection = fsockopen( $this->secure ? 'tls://' . $this->host : $this->host, with the plain $this->connection = fsockopen( $this->host, And it worked. Why this Ternary Operators doesn't work here But this works: $this->connection = fsockopen( $this->secure === TRUE ? 'tls://' . $this->host : $this->host, and keeps the functionality of the Secure / not Secure. Hope this helps. Robert
  8. Hi Ryan Great module as it lets less able users do updates (even though they aren't required - people feel more comfortable keeping their site up to date). These days I think it is a required part of any program (even if it is more only for comfort not security!!!) I tend to ship out Processwire to my clients to change content and leave it up to them. This means that a couple of them have found the Update module and I end up getting calls about what all the versions are and which one is the right one (they're all used WordPress and updates messing things up so they don't want to do anything wrong I had a look around the module to added a check mark in the config section that would only list the One Master version so that it was clearer as to which version (only the one) needed updating (or not) but I couldn't make heads nor tails of the rest of it [no time for a deep analysis]. I've included the updated ProcessWireUpgradeCheck.config.php which just adds a 'dontuseDeveloper' variable/array. If you think it would benefit people to include it otherwise maybe just a quick point in the direction of how to list only the one Master update that would be great. Thanks for the great modules you do... and of course for Processwire itself - which is a very welcome relief from WP and the other bloated CMSes. ProcessWireUpgradeCheck.config.php
  9. One thing i'd like to bring up is the fact that because the design of your website is separate from the back end and content of your website upgrades don't break your website. This is the largest bugbear I have had with WordPress and I no longer do ANY sites with it. It's as if a WordPress site has a lifespan - after a year or 2 I dreaded upgrades to the theme (yes even with child themes) as any update could break my client's site. Even plugin updates could break the site. And a site lasting more than 3 or 4 years - I haven't had one yet. Most of the sites I ran were designed by designers (I handled the back end) always with modifications - and I don't think I have particularly picky customers. Its just WordPress sites are so generic out of the box that you have to modify the theme. These days I have a designer do me a homepage and an internal page (saving me money compared with them doing the full site) and I implement the pages with various page layouts, blogs - whatever I want. Anything WordPress could have done I can do - though it can take some PHP programming to get what I want. (but I do get EXACTLY what I want) And I never have to worry about updates. I just noticed a site I was working on from last year was ver. 2.7 and as it's going live I decided that I'd send it off with the latest version. Update to 3.0.63 took less than 5 minutes (and that included taking a backup of the database) Give Processwire a try - there is a bit of a learning curve on your first few sites but after that (and easily reusing code) you'll never look back.
  10. Hi David Another problem - when I try to run the backup I get a 404- page not found. The url I am using from the admin page is similar to: http://www.websitename.ie/runbackup?token=XXXX29924700591dd18a9633d17c8ea34c0b2 (changed to protect the highly secret information of the client's website!!!) I'm using PW version 2.7.2 [I've tried to completely reinstall the plugin but it doidn't make any difference] Thanks for the help Rob
  11. Hi djr I solved this myself - I had put a folder in the bucket called the same as the website name (ie website.ie). When I checked the count of $objects in that section of code there was one $objects and the basename($object['Key'], '.tar.gz') resulted in "website.ie" which resulted in $ts === false (ie the boolean) so line 418 couldn't have worked. I don't know if this is a huge coincidence but an is_bool() check on $ts and if === FALSE followed by some error handling would solve this for any future users. Thanks for the great plugin. Rob
  12. Hi djr Great plugin and thanks as I think backups are really important. I was trying to set up your module and I'm getting an error in the admin section. It installed okay and I was filling out the Amazon information (the admin page worked fine when the information was wrong) and once I got the Amazon information right the admin page started failing with the error: Fatal error: Call to a member function format() on boolean in /var/www/vhosts/62/500562/webspace/httpdocs/site/modules/ScheduleCloudBackups/ScheduleCloudBackups.module on line 418 the relevant lines in the module are: foreach ($objects as $object) { $ts = date_create_from_format(self::TIMESTAMP_FORMAT, basename($object['Key'], '.tar.gz')); $date = $ts->format('Y-m-d H:i:s'); and it's the last line that is line 418. Any ideas? Thanks very much Rob
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