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  1. I just launched a site for my brother, a New York based travel photographer: http://bit.ly/PXw2bI I've been developing in WordPress for the past five years. While not my first ProcessWire site, it was refreshing to develop in a flexible content management system without the "bloat."
  2. Can you clarify the current functionality in PW when a new image is uploaded in place of an existing image? Does PW delete the original image and add the new image? It isn't actually "replacing" the image, is it? What if the image names (example.png) are the same?
  3. At some point with all of my projects, the client will ask for an image to be replaced. But the image description rarely needs to be updated when the image is replaced. (For example, the client may wish for the image to be cropped in a different way.) Unfortunately, when replacing an image in PW, the description is deleted. If the client isn't aware that it will be deleted, it leads to frustrated clients and missing data. And if a large number of images need to be replaced, it is cumbersome to copy the description and paste it back into the field when the image is replaced. In a future version of PW, I've love to see the description remain untouched when an image is replaced.
  4. I just discovered the Template of selectable page(s) option in the Selectable Pages section, which allows me to use a different template for the categories within /work/. Brilliant!
  5. I'm working on a portfolio site where I want the following public site structure that organizes projects by categories: /work/ -> Listing of all projects /work/strategy/ -> Listing of strategy projects /work/user-experience/ -> Listing of user experience projects /work/development/ -> Listing of development projects Then, projects would be structured as: /work/project-name-a/ /work/project-name-d/ /work/project-name-c/ /work/project-name-e/ ... My question is, what is the best field type to use to categorize projects? Should I use a Page with Multiple pages (PageArray)? I guess my confusion is moving from WordPress categories/taxonomies to PW's use of pages. Any insight would be appreciated.
  6. Thank you all for the helpful information. I've started to create a theme for the admin just to see how much control I have over the design. @ryan, thanks for the information regarding the admin template. @renobird, I'm looking forward to reading your walk-through. Thank you!
  7. Can a different template be used just for the profile editing? And then only give those employees guest and profile-edit permissions? Would this prevent me from having to create a new admin theme?
  8. Thank you for the insight, slkwrm. I didn't realize there was a comment module. I'll have to experiment with it today.
  9. I have a client that wants the following functionality for an intranet site: The intranet must be password protected. Each employee must have their own individual username and password. There may be a total of 100 employees who would have access to the site. A small group of employees need to have full admin rights to add, modify, and delete pages, posts, and images. They must also be able to add and delete non-admin employees. Admins and non-admin employees must be able to modify their personal profile on the site. Profile information may contain name, email, password, bio, photo(s), and links to external social media sites. The login and profile pages should *not* look like the PW admin. Employee profile pages should be available to other employees. In other words, the site should support an employee directory. Employees must be able to comment on existing pages and posts on the site. (Not sure how to implement this requirement.) Images that are uploaded should be viewable in a slideshow gallery format. I've developed one site in PW so far, but nothing like the above requirements. I'm 90% confident that PW can handle these requirements, but thought I'd check with the PW community first before making a commitment to using PW. I could build the site in WordPress, but it may be more work than to build it in PW. If someone else has built a similar site, I am interested in hearing about your experience.
  10. Nevermind! I deleted everything and started from scratch and it is working now.
  11. I'm getting a "Login Failed" error message after migrating from a VPS to a shared server. This is my first PW site. Could this be a file permissions problem?
  12. @Soma That's it! And it makes sense now that I've had some sleep. Thank you!
  13. I've slightly modified the following code from the original found in the /site-default/head.inc file that is included in the installation of PW. The page I am viewing is a child of "/team/" but $class isn't being added. What in the code below is incorrect? <ul> <?php $team = $pages->get( "/team/" ); $children = $team->children; foreach( $children as $child ) { $class = $child === $page->rootParent ? " current-menu-item" : ''; // DOESN'T WORK echo '<li id="menu-item-' . $child->id . '" class="nav-' . $child->name . ' menu-item menu-item-' . $child->id . $class . '"><a href="' . $child->url . '">' . $child->title . '</a></li>'; } ?> </ul>
  14. Great, thank you for the quick responses!
  15. Are images that are uploaded to a page assigned a unique id number?
  16. I know this is an older thread, but I would like to make a suggestion. When I set the status of a page to "Unpublished: Not visible on site," the page was still viewable. Until I found this thread, I didn't realize that an unpublished page remains viewable if I am logged into PW as an admin. My first thoughts were to think that this functionality did not work as expected. It might be helpful to include an "Unpublished" label near the "Edit" label that appears at the top of a page when viewing it in the context of the site.
  17. Can the title of the ProcessWire Forum latest posts feed be renamed? Currently the title of the RSS feed is "Latest Posts," which isn't very descriptive when viewed with dozens of other RSS feeds in my feed reader. feed://processwire.com/talk/rss/forums/1-latest-posts/
  18. Just tried your suggestion, diogo, and it works like a charm. Thanks to everyone!
  19. Wow, five responses to my question! Really impressive! Including a variable in a config file makes sense. But from the point of view of my clients, many will question why they can't modify the site title directly in the CMS. Giving them the ability to change it and other variables, even if they won't, is really important. Thanks for the welcome to the forum!
  20. I've seen references to the page title, but where in ProcessWire can I set the site title, and how do I include it in my templates? My total experience with ProcessWire is about two hours, but it looks very promising. I develop primarily in WordPress, but the "post" structure has proved itself to be limiting.
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