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  1. Is there a way to force "www" on the links generated in the sitemap.xml file?
  2. @cb2004 This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!
  3. Is this module compatible with PW 3.x? I just installed it but the Help tab isn't displaying for the designated template.
  4. These are great suggestions! I'll have to play around with each to see which one is the most promising. Thanks, everyone!
  5. Does anyone know of an alternative to fancybox? http://fancyapps.com/fancybox/ I've been using fancybox for years, but am finding issues with Google Tag Manager, so I'm looking for a "modern" replacement. I need the alternative to support images and hosted videos. I'm curious to know what experiences you've had with the other options out there.
  6. I have a site that is included in the "Sites Running ProcessWire" section of the PW site. How do I go about updating information on an existing entry?
  7. @teppo, thanks for the very quick response. I've implemented these changes and everything is working smoothly now. Thank you!!!!
  8. I know this question has been asked before, but in this case, I don't want to use a PW module. I have added redirects at the very top of my .htaccess file, formatted like the examples below: RedirectMatch 301 /onsite2/ http://domain.com/ Redirect 301 /onsitefocusedthanks/ http://domain.com/club/ Unfortunately, the redirects are going to: http://www.domain.com/onsite/ (404 page not found) http://www.domain.com/club/?it=onsitefocusedthanks/ Is there a way to removed the "?it=index.html" and prevent these redirect errors?
  9. Selections aren't being retained or are being automatically selected/deselected in the "Template Types" area under the "Details" tab. If I make multiple edits to these checkboxes and save the page after each edit, the module is confused about my settings and messes up what I selected. :-(
  10. I upgraded from PW 3.0.15 to PW 3.0.17 and the alt attribute still didn't work. Frustrated, I then downgraded to PW 2.7.2 and it still doesn't work. :-( At some point I had the ImageExtra fieldtype module installed, but it has since been removed. Is there the possibility that it broke something? I've already had problems with uploading images that required some manipulation of the database structure. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/13078-error-when-uploading-image-field-caption-doesnt-have-a-default-value/ Here is the field export for the Body field, if that helps: { "body": { "id": 98, "type": "FieldtypeTextarea", "flags": 0, "name": "body", "label": "Body", "qtyMin": 1, "qtyMax": 10, "trashable": 1, "size": 0, "maxlength": 2048, "inputfieldConfigNames": "rows,toolbar,inlineMode,useACF,usePurifier,toggles,formatTags,extraAllowedContent,contentsCss,contentsInlineCss,stylesSet,extraPlugins,plugin_sourcedialog,removePlugins", "schemaClass": "FieldtypeTextarea", "inputfieldClass": "InputfieldCKEditor", "contentType": 2, "pageLinkAbstractor": 2, "rows": 9, "toolbar": "Format, Styles, -, Bold, Italic, -, RemoveFormat\nNumberedList, BulletedList, -, Blockquote\nPWLink, Unlink, Anchor\nPWImage, Table, HorizontalRule, SpecialChar\nJustifyLeft, JustifyCenter, JustifyRight, JustifyBlock\nPasteText, PasteFromWord\nScayt, -, Sourcedialog", "inlineMode": 0, "useACF": 1, "usePurifier": 1, "formatTags": "p;h1;h2;h3;h4;h5;h6;pre;address", "removePlugins": "image,magicline", "sortable": 1, "collapsed": 2, "extraPlugins": [ "pwimage", "pwlink", "sourcedialog" ], "textformatters": [ "TextformatterVideoEmbed", "TextformatterHannaCode" ], "contentsCss": "/site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/contents.css", "extraAllowedContent": "div(*)\n*[id](*)\n*[class](*)", "icon": "code", "notes": "Enter a full YouTube or Vimeo URL by itself in any paragraph and it will automatically convert it to an embedded video.\n\nYour link must match one of the formats below:\nhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=**video_id**\nhttps://vimeo.com/**video_id**\n\nExamples:\nhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl4XiYadV_k\nhttps://vimeo.com/152189763", "htmlOptions": [ 4 ], "showIf": "", "columnWidth": 100, "required": "", "requiredIf": "", "toggles": "", "contentsInlineCss": "", "stylesSet": "", "customOptions": "", "plugin_sourcedialog": "" } }
  11. @tpr I'm using PW 3.0.15 and that option is labeled as: Update image alt attributes: Replace blank alt attributes with image description With this option checked on the Body CKEditor field, I uploaded an image, entered a description, and inserted it into the Body field. The alt attribute remains empty. Perhaps something broke between the two versions we are using? @szabesz Looks like that page references an earlier version of PW. Hopefully this will all be updated in a future version of PW.
  12. There is a Update image alt attributes checkbox in the Markup/HTML (Content Type) section of the Details tab for the ckeditor field. But checking this option doesn't seem to do anything when embedding new images with descriptions.
  13. I have a template that includes an image field that supports multiple images. The images uploaded to this field include a description field. If one of these images is embedded into a textarea field (i.e. Body), should the image description will be inserted into the image's alt attribute when embedding the image? I always assumed that it would, but there is a separate option to add an alt attribute when inserting the image. Is the purpose of the description field purely for use with the API and unnecessary for images that are intended to be embedded within a textarea field? I guess I need clarification as to how this works. Either something changed, or I never understood the differences between the image description and the alt attribute as it is used in ProcessWire. I'm currently using ProcessWire 3.0.15.
  14. Hmmm, I see that the ImageExtra 0.0.2 module is uploaded to the server, but it isn't installed. I don't remember installing it and using it, but then again, I've been working on this site since last July (!) and I may just be forgetting. Is it okay to delete "caption" from the database?
  15. The field type is definitely set to "Image." There is no caption option. :-( Here is the field export, if that helps: { "portrait": { "id": 144, "type": "FieldtypeImage", "flags": 0, "name": "portrait", "label": "Portrait", "extensions": "gif jpg jpeg png", "maxFiles": 1, "outputFormat": 2, "defaultValuePage": 0, "inputfieldClass": "InputfieldImage", "collapsed": 2, "descriptionRows": 1, "adminThumbs": 1, "defaultGrid": 0, "maxReject": "", "fileSchema": 2, "icon": "image", "overwrite": null, "outputString": "", "textformatters": "", "entityEncode": "", "useTags": "", "showIf": "", "columnWidth": 100, "required": "", "requiredIf": "", "unzip": "", "maxWidth": "", "maxHeight": "", "minWidth": "", "minHeight": "" } }
  16. Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening here? I have a lot of images I need to upload to my client's site and I can't because of this error message.
  17. I upgraded to ProcessWire 3.0.15 and it looks like the changes in that version have fixed the problem.
  18. Thank you, BitPoet and horst. It looks like some things have changed in ProcessWire 3.x. See "Improvements to the ~= operator in page finding operations" in the following post: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/merry-christmas-heres-processwire-3.0.3-and-2.7.3-and-some-more/ I'm going to upgrade the site and see if this helps with the results. If not, I'll try splitting each search term as mentioned above.
  19. I've set up search on a client site and discovered that the search results are a bit finicky. Searching for meter returns a faculty page with the title of "Timothy L Van Meter". But searching for van meter returns no results. My selector looks like this: $pages->find(template=campus-view|campus-view-archive|campus-view-article|component-event|component-feature|component-post|component-showcase|component-video|faculty|faculty-directory|home|news-archive|news-publications|page|post|section|seminary-hill-farm|slide|staff|staff-directory|videos,title|headline|heading|subhead|lead|body|profile|summary|meta_keywords~=van Meter,limit=12); Changing the selector operator to %= produces results, but the client doesn't want visitors to the site to have to enter an exact word or phrase. Can someone explain why the more specific "van meter" does not display in results, but that "meter" does?
  20. I'm receiving the following error when uploading to an image field named "portrait": SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'caption' doesn't have a default value Settings on this field: Valid file extensions = gif jpg jpeg png Maximum files allowed = 1 Formatted value = Single item (null if empty) Text formatters (for file descriptions) = no selection Overwrite existing files = checked Number of rows for description field = 0 The site is hosted on ServInt and I'm using ProcessWire 2.7.3 dev. Is this error that can be corrected by changing the SQL mode, or is this a ProcessWire error? Any insight is appreciated.
  21. I'm using 2.7.2, although I upgraded from a previous version (can't remember which one).
  22. When exporting a field to be used on another site installation, is there any harm in removing send_templates from the export code? { "vcard_tel": { "id": 134, "type": "FieldtypeText", "flags": 0, "name": "vcard_tel", "label": "Phone", "textformatters": [ "TextformatterEntities" ], "maxlength": 2048, "tags": "vcard", "collapsed": 2, "size": 0, "send_templates": [ 54, 53 ], "showIf": "", "columnWidth": 100, "required": "", "requiredIf": "", "stripTags": "", "placeholder": "", "pattern": "" } }
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