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  1. Thanks so much! I never found something useful like that. I guess I was using the wrong keywords
  2. It's been twice this year as a PW developer where clients have asqued me to have a way to put content on specific coordinates of a picture. Something like what image maps are made of. But not necesarly on links, sometimes text, sometimes images and links. So I've been thinking to build an inputfield for that purpose. But I'm not sure how could it be the most flexible so I can share it in github/modules page. Ideally it would need to work like a repeater field where you start uploading an image and then adding any custom field like title, url etc. So the user could add multiple elements floating over that image. Does anybody here know the ideal way to start the arquitecture of something like that? I could just hardcode the fields I need for the website I have to code this month but it would be nice to be something more flexible.
  3. Oh I see, actually I did read your post too quick. It is possible, I did something like that once having a field that would go download automatically some info from a website. I found this post on stackoverflow that contains a function to do that. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3711357/getting-title-and-meta-tags-from-external-website/4640613 That just grabs the basic meta tags but the opengraph ones are just the same, they allways contain this <meta property="og:something" content="something" />
  4. I just made today a class for Processwire that automates the process quite a bit. It's really basic, I will improve it in the future. https://github.com/carlitoselmago/opengraphPW It's used like this: <head> <?php include_once("./opengraphPW/opengraphPW.php"); $OG=new openGraph( $page, // current PW page, required $pages, // PW pages wire object, required $config->urls->templates.'img/cover.jpg', // A general image (1200x628px recomended) for pages like a home page where there's no content image, optional "Title of your website"); // A generic title if the home element is called something like "home", optional ?> </head>
  5. Actually I did published it yesterday on the modules section and I ended up in the module page but now I cannot seem to find it in the module section. It's the first time I publish a module so I don't know if there's something like a reviewing process or something like that.
  6. FieldtypeGridSpace A grid selector for space design An input field for placing DOM elements in horizontal grids based on Bootstrap grid system. Module URL: https://processwire.com/modules/fieldtype-grid-space/ Here is the github https://github.com/carlitoselmago/FieldtypeGridSpace With updated images of backend and frontend example
  7. Thanks! Yes i made it for the specific needs of a client website but the idea is to pollish it a bit and publish it in the Processwire repository, I want to add some options like custom amount of cols etc
  8. Thank you guys, i cleared the cache in the modules list view and it works as espected now.
  9. Oh ok, I guess then it's an issue of simply cached install of the module? Actually I don't understand how this part works very well
  10. I'm building a fieldtype/inputfield to visually select a grid like Bootstrap since it's the first time coding such thing, I'm basing my code in FieldtypeColorPicker since the base structure is the same, a graphical UI helper to finally output a string as value. The problem is I try to save the value as something like "1,2,3" referencing the index of each column selected but it gets converted as an int value so "1,2,3" becomes "1" if input random text it gets converted as "0". Here is the code: https://github.com/carlitoselmago/FieldtypeGridSpace Here's an screenshot of how it looks
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