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  1. When i do Front end editing C style it just has Save and Cancel in the left corner but it shows a empty headline (not title). 0px x 0px Also at Pictures i get an error. Failed to init module: ProcessPageEdit can't find this module? Can't see the text to edit. No css conflicts so far. Added jQuery … maybe display: flex? (does something!) Where to see my version, is my installation not sauber?. :( best, Tom
  2. Why its not working? Email is displayed as not valid, but it is. Turn yellow -> not sending... How to turn off website and date? I hide it per css buts dirty… using 1.0 tom
  3. THX man, a worldfamous chocolate cake from vienna for you! Hero Member! Simple Contact Form - i do it tommorw, not so cool as the old version…
  4. deleted all cache files in site/assets/cache … no success… THX adrian for helping me so quick!
  5. How you mean reload. clear cache - hard reload - same.... yes from 2 to 3
  6. this works but now it says Fatal error: Class 'InputfieldText' not found in /data/web/e64621/html/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldPassword.module on line 7 but its there!
  7. Hey, I f..ked it up. Wanted to update simple contact form because it doest work (0.2?) and got errors for 1.0. Thought I should update Processwire. Just replaced wire folder and index.php. No DB Dump. debug true, can't log in always get Unable to complete this request due to an error. no error logs… PLEASE HELP! tom
  8. Thx, it works with regardless and Option B, fields of course editable for field for inline … Thx a lot, great tool, this processwire!!! yeah, modules are not a good variable! Danke, tom
  9. I tryed foreach($modules->children as $module) { $filename = dirname(__FILE__) . "/".$module->template; $t = new TemplateFile($filename); $t->set('page', $module); echo $t->render(); } but still no editor. I think it does know the template, or because its a repeater, just new with this.
  10. It seams not to work, when i use $page->edit(headline) in a template which i call per $found->render("template.php"). so the field i call with that template are not editable. What i do wrong, should i use the <edit> or D ? thx, tom
  11. Ähhhm, and now i need it normal Textfields also… rtl? Its not so important, just asking. … tom
  12. ! Thx a lot, I kind of expected, that it is no big deal, rolling on, tom
  13. Hey there, I am using PW for more than two years now and it satisfied me in all scales. Can just say: Build Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Easier. Now we are up to make a site for refugees also in arabic and farsi. Frontend is no problem, but how to make the Textarea/CK Editor Right to Left for Arabic? … and/or custom Css to the Languages - is there a proper way? Thx, Tom
  14. Hi there, we got the same issue (Processwire 2.7.2 / PHP 5.3.3) and made a workaround by commenting out the whole block "foreach(new DirectoryIterator($this->path()) as $file…" in PageImages.php. (line 100 - line 130) Now the backend works, can you tell us what this section does? or if it will break something crucial… Are the some other features in Processwire which are not ok with our Versions? since we cannot upgrade php on our live-server for the time being we really need this workaround. should this be too fragile, we will probably try to downgrade processwire on our production-server best, phi.l & tom
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