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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, i am looking for Arabic language pack for my website and i looked into processWire lib but didn't found on below link. any help will be highly appreciate. Regards J
  2. Hey there, I am using PW for more than two years now and it satisfied me in all scales. Can just say: Build Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Easier. Now we are up to make a site for refugees also in arabic and farsi. Frontend is no problem, but how to make the Textarea/CK Editor Right to Left for Arabic? … and/or custom Css to the Languages - is there a proper way? Thx, Tom
  3. Each page in processwire has a name and a title. When I create a new page and give it a title, the name is created automatically. That name creates the URL of that page. This works great for English sites. However, for international users this doesn't work as nicely. If I create a new page and give it a title that's not in English, then the name field is left blank and I must write a "fake" title in English. I work with sites in Arabic and in Hebrew and this is the biggest difficulty I see when working on non English sites with Processwire. Even for an experienced user, this is an annoyance every time. For comparison, in WordPress I can have multilingual titles and URL's out of the box. This is an advantage WordPress has when it comes to international users. I would like to see this change, and perhaps help bring this change. What would it take for Processwire to support multilingual URL's and page names? What would be the best route to achieve this?