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  1. Hi @Robin S and @kongondo, Guys Thank you so much for your replies and help. you guys just rock it. really appreciate. :-D Regards J
  2. Hi guys, i was trying to implement SEO URL structure on my another processwire website. SEO team requested us to put .html on every pages. e.g http://www.mydomain.com/products.html and if click any product then it will like http://www.mydomain.com/products/product-one.html so after little bit research i find out it can be done with URLsegment option in template options. i checked on Allow URL Segment, said No to "Should page url end with slash" and said No to "Should URL segments end with a trailing slash? " but after all this setting we try to access the it is showing 404 page. i don't know why. Any help will be highly appreciate Thanks J
  3. Hi @LostKobrakai and @Faisal Thank you guys for your time and help, both comments really help me and i figure out this. Regards J
  4. Hi @adrian and @Faisal, Thank you for your time guys. for now i am trying some other method to resolve this matter. so far no success but let see. please clear my confusion the package we are talking about is only for admin panel or admin and front end as well. because i am looking for front end solution because our targeted customers is arabica spoken but due to standards we have to maintain english version also. Regards J
  5. Hi Guys, I am trying to create a folder structure in templates folder because i going to have a huge list of templates so for future use i want to create a folder structure in template folder so returning user can easily find and modify them according to requirements. e.g i have few templates for pages and few templates which i am going to use in templates as includes files. i am calling them BLOCKS. so i want to create block folder into the template folder but in admin panel when i am adding new template it's not picking up block1.php file which is located in Templates>Blocks> ... Is there any option so we can enforce PW to pick folders from inside a folder in templates folder. Regards J
  6. Hi Guys, i am looking for Arabic language pack for my website and i looked into processWire lib but didn't found on below link. http://modules.processwire.com/categories/language-pack/ any help will be highly appreciate. Regards J
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