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  1. Ah thanks , I just figured it out aswell Cheers Jon
  2. Hello, I seem to be having a issue getting the page title of the parent to display within my child page. I can get the ID ok via echo $page->parent; I have tried echo $page->parent(title);But this doesn't work. Probably something simple I am not doing!Cheers Jon
  3. Hello All, I am using PageTable which works great but Ive just tried adding a additional field (Page Dropdown) with of all 4 fields is set to =25 but ia gretting the following error Does anyone have any ideas as so as I remove the Page field the error goes away Cheers Jon
  4. Yes that would make a lot more sense to have a field within the "TourDate" which gets updated to included the number of seats available rather than counting. Thats great the site I am proposing will have now where near that many cruises. So it great to see the potential!! Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a better way of doing then that would enable the all the booking to be viewable rather than having to going into each trip date within the tree to view booking information. Is it possible to filter bookings/orders within the admin as I could end up with quite a few. Say filter them by a specific date or tour name
  5. That's sound like a good way of doing. I think it would be easier for a admin point of view if the tour dates could be added/edited below the parent tour information. As it theory the only fields I would have for the tour date would be start date, spaces, free spaces and discount price Hello Sarah, Thanks for your reply, Each tour could have multiple dates so would that be the parent page of TourDates. So would I keep the free seats within the TourDates page and count the number of booking for that cruise via Bookings (SeatsBooked) to update the FreeSeats or I am missing something more obvious? For example : --Tour (Fields : NumberOfNights, Price, ) ---TourDates (Fields : StartDate, Seats, DiscountPrice, FreeSeats ) ----Bookings (Fields : SeatsBooked, Name, etc) Cheers Jon
  6. Hello Guys, Been using WordPress for a few years now and just come across ProcessWire which looks Ideal for most the work I do. But not just about this project so would just like a bit of feedback if possible. Iam looking at using it for a tour website which will allow customers to book tours and process the payment via WorldPay. The site structure would be something along single Tour pages with either children TourDates or Maybe using the ExtendedTables plugin to store the dates. The bit I am unsure about is the booking side of its. When a customer makes a booking I would like to store the booking information in processwire and removed the number of spaces booked. What would be the best way of storing this a Child of the TourDates? Cheers Jon
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