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  1. Hi! Sorry, I know this has already been discussed and clarified but I can't find it. I use pw on localhost and it is too common for me the auto log off and have to re log in. How can I control this and spend more time logged in but inactive? (I think Ryan already has an article about this... a link?) Thanks
  2. Yes, the same nightmare! Yes, a lot, I was about to give up on DIVs!
  3. Hi, even in my sloppy and irresponsible tinyMCE field (without htmlpurifier, without pastefilter, with <div> to <p> conversion disabled) I can't introduce a <div> in real time. If I modify Ryan's examples and try #Blocks p.ms-4 { } /* Outline paragraph */ works well. But neither #Blocks div.card { } /* Card */ nor #Blocks div { } /* Card */ work. This, { "extended_valid_elements": "article div" } and this { "extended_valid_elements": "div" } does nothing. How to insert a <div> is in the most basic examples of the tinyMCE docs, I thought it was easy... and it should be but not for me... Does anyone have a clue? Thanks SOLUTION (EDIT: the BAD one, see post above from virtualgadjio) Solution starts here:https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/tinymce/6/user-formatting-options/#style_formats with the lines { title: 'Blocks', items: [ { title: 'Paragraph', format: 'p' }, { title: 'Blockquote', format: 'blockquote' }, { title: 'Div', format: 'div' }, /* <-- here */ { title: 'Pre', format: 'pre' } ]}, so, I just drop the { title: 'Div', format: 'div' }, in the defaults.json and works. Now let's clean the mess and drop tha line on the wp right place 🙂
  4. Hello! I've just start learning the use of tinyMCE in processwire and, therefore, I should postpone my question. But, sorry, I got a bit nervous. I need a field that allows total or almost total pasting, that maintains styles, without eliminating <td>s because they are empty, that allows injecting div.whatever-class (only injects paragraphs), in short, a sloppy and irresponsible tinyMCE field. Other text fields will be more cautious. Ryan starts (and very well) by the cautious side... Can anyone give me a clue? Thanks
  5. Thank you guys, seems that Joss is not around anymore... I always thought that every good piece of software needs a tutorial with his style... and maybe a few suggestions were enough for an update to pw novelties ? thanks again
  6. Hi! Joss Sanglier's funny tutorials, like «but what if i dont know how to code?», were eradicated? Or ...? Thanks
  7. Same here, but I'm using ProcessWire 3.0.98 © 2018 locks seemed random but i'll check it
  8. Hi, No, not problem solved, but seems I have news (or I am totally confused). After some try I become suspicious about the server and softaculous. (Yep I started my pw install with the same softaculous.) Went on a new softaculous install of Minimal Site Profile just for testing. After the install, without any login or change, I gave a few clicks on the menu. And the browser starts showing things like: http://julio.x10host.com/home/juliox15/public_html/pw2nd/ and the right would be http://julio.x10host.com/pw2nd/ without the anoying home/juliox15/public_html/ right? (pw2nd is a subdir where softaculous installed pw Minimal Site Profile) If you are curious, you can follow one or both of those links, not in a hurry to kill it. Besides leave softaculous alone or give another server a try, any suggestion? (Meanwhile I messed up the previous install but that's life) Thanks
  9. OK, thanks for the tips, I'll re chek in a few hours. It was working on my localhost and I presume my check was too lazy before the upload... ? Don't get mad I'll give notice, maybe it will be good for other lazy people...
  10. Hi, After 2 or 3 cliks on my nav bar the browser starts to show http://julio.x10host.com/home/juliox15/public_html/logos/ instead of http://julio.x10host.com/logos/ Where or what should I start the fixing? Thanks
  11. Hi! Just reading "Inputfield dependencies enable you to specify the conditions under which a particular field in the page editor is shown or required." at https://processwire.com/api/selectors/inputfield-dependencies/ but the text talks like an ongoing work. So: we now have more on inputfield dependencies or the text is up to date? Thanks js
  12. Hi, thanks for the nice module, I like HoT. About this: HoT fields are stored as a json string, so seems that there are no chances of being easy queriable :/ I would like to see some workarounds or some clues on that subject. Thanks again
  13. ! Interesting. You use a «complete copy»? Is it handy? can you, please, give some more tips? thanks
  14. You are right (of course you are). I prepended <?php namespace ProcessWire; ?> and works fine. thanks again
  15. Hi! Sorry for being again with a silly question.... Look at that code: <div pw-append="pageContent"> <?php //include("./scripts/_func.php"); //include("./scripts/_func.php"); function renderNav(PageArray $items) { blah, blah pasted code... } if($page->hasChildren) { echo renderNav($page->children); } clumsy isn’t it? Here is the thing: Function renderNav is defined on the file _func.php, so I tried to include _func.php . Then I get a php error - renderNav() is undefined! (what!?grrr) Then, as you see, I duplicate the include line and run. BUT got the php error msg: "Can't redefine function renderNav()" - What!? the f***g bastard already knew renderNav()! Then, I temporary gave up, commented out the include lines and did a copy + paste the renderNav(). And, ugly enough, it works, sure. What's wrong with my include? Thanks EDIT: solved thanks to LostKobrakai remark. I forgot the <?php namespace ProcessWire; ?> thing
  16. Thanks Harmen and Macrura for trying to help. It was a permission problem . Forgot to check and change permissions after the extraction... I' m too old to learn from my repeated mistakes...
  17. errr again. Spoke too soon. File plugin.js does the install/configure thing. Then we have js file "[plugin name].js in a sub folder! So shame on me. BUT we are always instructed to leave the full package on the plugins folder.
  18. errr... impossible. All plugin js file is named plugin.js.
  19. Hi, installing a CKEditor plugin seems easy: - download, - extract to /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/[folder with the plugin name will sit here/] - on admin setup > fields > any field that works with CKEditor > tab Input > scroll down and you will see the new plugin waiting activation: Ooops, only shows the default extra plugins... What am I missing? Thanks EDIT: it was a simple permission problem. One should check and change the permissions of downloaded stuff...
  20. You are right! Fine now! Thanks!
  21. Install seems fine, both in 1st and 2sd attempts, no error msgs, but when Setup > graphQL this shows up: Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '^', expecting ']' (line 9 of /home/zota/www/pw-logica/site/modules/ProcessGraphQL/GraphiQL/build/static/js/main.059c7daf.js) Any clue? thanks
  22. The thread reference doesn't show up. Can someone fix this? please... thnks
  23. Tx Adrian, besides the save, there was another json_encode bug
  24. Hi! The following code does this: (a) $p survives to the test, (never echoes "stupid!") so (b) resend $p->textJSon, (believing on the browser's client side console) BUT ( c) does not save $value to $p->textJSon (both reload and back side prove it) The puzzle: how can (b) and © been compatible? Thanks (btw: $p should not be necessary, as I post to "./". So $page should be enough, right? But result was exactly - or looks - the same) <?php if($config->ajax) { $value = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input')); $p = $pages->get("/hot/"); if (!($p instanceof NullPage)) { $p->of(false); $p->textJSon = $value; echo json_encode($p->textJSon, JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE) ; } else { echo 'stupid!' ; } return; } else { ... include head, foot, and so...
  25. Oh! I'm doomed! Ok, I'll try github search. Thanks
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