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  1. It doesn't have a shopping cart--at least not that I'm aware of. Most of the reservation page is custom forms / code and such. We have been expanding and tweaking the reservation form for over 6 years and it is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Also, Ryan gets a ton of email so he doesn't always respond. To get his attention I usually have to send him text messages. Not sure about padlooper...I've never heard that word. I'm happy to answer other questions. Jan CTO Tripsite.com
  2. Jan V.

    Bitnami costs vs a VPS

    I've personally never been a fan of VPS hosting outside of AWS or Google. That said, I've moving an ocean of servers and sites into AWS including running on Bitnami. Most of the bitnami AMIs are free to use on AWS so all you do is pay for use of the instance and attached storage so you can make it as big or small (even free) as you want. I've personally found the setup of Bitnami instances confusing and prefer to do this myself but I also work in this space so I'm not exactly an average user.
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