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  1. Hi, I have a job template that embeds an application form from FormBuilder. I need to get some info about the role into the form, and am doing this by inserting the values into the querystring in the template, then configuring the form to pick up querystring values and put them in a couple of hidden fields: $input->get['vacancy'] = $page->title; $input->get['pageid'] = $page->id; This does feel a bit odd, but I couldn't think of another way as I can't get inside the form iframe. Now, it works, except sporadically, it doesn't and tha values are just blank. I'm tearing my hair out as this is server-side and I wouldn't expect it to sometimes work and sometimes not, so... Can anyone think of a reason why this would sometimes fail? Can anyone recommend a better solution for getting values into the form? previously I had the values appended to site links to the jobs, but the problem is it needs to work if you just arrive at a job from elsewhere, so has to be self-contained. TIA Crawford.
  2. If anyone else comes across this, you need to change the last line of the module code to return a value: return (int) $this->PHPMailer->send();
  3. I was having issues with the emails sent from formbuilder - installing your module has fixed them, but although everything works fine, I see this error on form submission: One or more errors prevented submission of the form. Please correct and try again. Unable to verify successful email delivery of this form submission. Is there a way to suppress that? Thanks!
  4. To answer my own question - this repeater came in using page import/export and when I looked in detail I could see it had a random parent in my content tree. I opted to delete (had to use API to delete system things like associated templates) and recreate from scratch (not import), then all was good.
  5. I have these sort of pages created as a side effect of trying to add new pages with repeaters via the API. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong and I'm still trying to work it out, but does anyone know WHY they get created, where they get their random location from and what this is a symptom of? Thanks in advance for any hints!
  6. Hmm, thanks but too late for this approach unfortunately - new site is up and running with template development well underway!
  7. Thanks - Sorry if I didn't make clear, it's not just a site upgrade, it's a complete re-build with new & different templates, but I want to migrate some of the old content into the new site. I COULD upgrade my local copy of the old site IF that was going to make the above method work and people thought it was the way to go...? Crawford.
  8. Hi, I'm looking to migrate content from a site I built some time ago that is in 2.7.2, to a new site on latest version. Template structure is different, but a lot of the content can be reused and I think my only option is to write scripts to pull content from the old site, map fields etc as required and create content in the new site. With local copies of the sites running, when I try to connect to the old site from the new site using $oldSite = new ProcessWire\ProcessWire('.../path/...', 'http://local.url/'); I get this error reported from the old site code Fatal Error: Class 'WireData' not found (line 79 of /...path.../wire/modules/LazyCron.module) When I try to connect to the new site from the old site using the same approach, It fails because in that version the ProcessWire constructor took a Config object and I can't find docs for the old version or figure out how to construct a ProcessWire instance passing a Config. So... is this the right approach and is there a way around these issues? I can see how the version discrepancy could cause problems. Should I be using something like the RestApi to remove the version problem? I realise it's not intended for accessing PW content, but the examples show it retrieving users so I'm assuming that would be possible... or I could write my own scripts to expose the old content. Or I could attempt an upgrade on the local copy of the old site?? Note the above is mainly concerned with porting template-based content, I also need to deal with a but a lot of images and am considering just bringing in all of the assets and importing to the DB to replicate exactly from the old site (with IDs etc) if that's possible. Any advice much appreciated! Thanks, Crawford.
  9. Hi, We purchased FormBuilder a few years ago but a bug has only recently come to light where 2 document upload fields don't render properly in the admin email, so they are not linked properly for download, and this is used heavily. The site was developed a few years back and runs Processwire 2.4.0, FormBuilder is 0.2.4. I was going to buy a new formbuilder licence but I note that it requires ProcessWire 2.7.0 or newer So, I'm looking for some advice - should I upgrade the whole site so I can get a formbuilder update, and is that likely to cause issues with API changes etc? Or does anyone know of a fix for this issue? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks! The lazyload JQ plugin is compatible with picturefill?
  11. Hi, No - on initial upload generating images is time consuming and when we deployed the site to its live server we had to keep navigating and getting through timeouts, but once everything is cached and it's only the occasional new upload it's fine. Crawford.
  12. Hi all, http://axisanimation.com http://axis-vfx.com http://flauntproductions.com I've added these to the directory but you might like to check some of the more interesting details written up in a blog post here - http://newnow.co/blog/the-4k-website/ They use: Modified multisite module to mix shared and site-specific content in one instance Modified thumbnail inputfield for cropping Custom inputfield to retrieve video details from Vimeo API Form builder module They are responsive from mobile to 4K, built on Zurb Foundation, and use the new picture element in conjunction with Processwire to serve images at the most appropriate size, and double size for higher pixel density displays. Wouldn't have been possible without the great forum content and documentation so thanks to everyone in the community! Crawford. New Now Ltd. http://newnow.co
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