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  1. Doug G

    So if any documentation project aimed at creating a user/admin/modules/best practices manual(s) was started up, I would be happy to help however I could. I'm more of a back-end server person, not a web designer, and I really don't understand how to effectively use pw yet so maybe I could learn something from writing stuff.
  2. Doug G

    I'd review the changes you made during pw installation. The error message indicates there is no mysql/mairadb username being sent to the database, hence the database login fails. Maybe one of the "changes" you made prevented the database connection information from getting into the pw config file.
  3. Doug G

    W7 and newer have extra protections on certain stuff. Just being an administrator user on your windows is really a "mostly" administrator user, but to edit hosts (and other protected system files) you need to explicitly tick "run as administrator" in the program you're using to access the file. For me, I created a desktop shortcut ot file explorer, in the shortcut properties tick "run as administrator" after navigating to hosts file open it with notepad from within file explorer. FWIW, being linux-oriented and using both windows and linux to edit websites, on w10 I installed xampp, cygwin for ssh server on win, geany (which is available on both win and linux), and git for windows I don't use github though, I use git for my own private git repository I set up running on a Digital Ocean CentOS droplet. I live pretty much in the command line, and this setup allows me to use pretty much the same cli from either windows or linux.
  4. I have a self-hosted (centos7) development server and a test site pw 3.0.61dvl with uikit admin theme and new regular blog profile. PW is installed to a directory, and my only change to .htaccess was to add RewriteBase to /myfolder/. Web server is apache using ispconfig3 and fast-cgi I was getting occasional "too many redirects" errors when testing on my android phone, and finally spent some time today finding how to duplicate the problem. If I log in to the admin (as an added admin user), then immediately log out, then hit the back button in the browser, I get the "too many redirects" error. But if I close the browser or re-type the url to the browser I get back to the login page. I thought it was my android google chrome, but I can duplicate the error using desktop firefox or chrome. I'm not sure this is processwire related, although I haven't encountered this problem elsewhere. Any thoughts welcome.
  5. Doug G

    My guess is your QUESTION column is a text column, if so you need to add apostrophes ( ' ) around $pertanyaan in your sql
  6. Doug G

    szabesz, yep that's what I meant.
  7. Doug G

    You know, I don't use IRC, and I don't particularly like chat channels for technical things. So if y'all move information about processwire to IRC I won't ever see it, which only diminishes processwire's usefulness to me. It's already bad enough having no overall documentation and relying on forums for learning, siphoning off expertise to IRC will only make it harder to learn this system. $0.000000000000000000002
  8. Doug G

    I have a cheap digital ocean droplet with CentOS 7, and on it I installed ispconfig3 I use it for a development server as well as a private git repository. This probably isn't the way to go if you're not comfortable with linux
  9. Doug G

    Enjoy the Holidays!
  10. Doug G

    Thanks, I can probably try that over the weekend. I already have downloaded the v2 files from github.
  11. It seems to me I just had to set the rewrite_base in the distributed processwire .htaccess
  12. Doug G

    I was getting ready to experiment with the skyscrapers2 demo, but there doesn't seem to be a site profile like with the original skyscrapers. Did I miss finding the profile, or is it just not implemented (yet) for skyscrapers2?
  13. Doug G

    If your php script uses the common mysqldump command, there are a gazillion options that can affect the size of the resulting sql file. For example, you can decide if you want to expand names to include full tablename.columnname or not, Or you can simply backup the database structure without data, you can decide if you want to include CREATE_TABLE in the backup or not, etc. For your reading enjoyment, you can look over the options available from this linux man page: I've never used phpmyadmin to create backups, but I'd imagine there are various options you can include/not include with pma too.
  14. Doug G

    php supports mssql connections, easier from a windows php server than from linux but available for both. You can certainly access mssql databases from php though. Take a look here for starters: Be aware there are sql differences between mssql server an mysql server, so you may run across data conversion issues between the two database servers. For example:
  15. Ownership appears to be user geot and group geot. Apache normally runs under another user account like 'apache' or 'http'. If you change ownership of config.php to the apache user, you won't need to use the insecure settings allowing anyone to modify the file. By the way, using chmod 006 doesn't make a lot of sense, you're saying the owner and group of the file won't have access, only some other user.