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  1. Hello Peter, I looked back in my notes to get a better idea of how PW was successfully installed on our NAS dated 6 March 2016. I used phpMyAdmin and MariaDB 5. In the installation process for PW I defined the name of the database I wanted e.g. Processwire, the user name 'root' for phpMyAdmin and the login password. This should be enough to allow PW to create/install the database. You should be able to check it's there. One thing to watch is that Synology has a MariaDB 10 which you may have installed on your NAS. If you have them both installed when you log into phpMyAdmin you have an option to choose either MariaDB 5 or Maria 10. I don't know how you differentiate between those in the PW installation. The rest of the process is straightforward - define your PW admin account and proceed from there.
  2. Hello Peter, I have just seen your post and it looks as though you have received some suggestions from other members. To be frank we actually achieved the installation about 18 months ago so the details of the process are pretty hazy now so I don't think I can help you. We have faced many technical challenges since then but mainly with PW but we are actively developing with no problems using the Synology and expect to have the Malta Aviation Museum visitor information system fully implemented by this summer.
  3. Thanks Abdus, I checked all the permissions but could not identify any changes. However, when I said I had checked all the page 'family' settings I had omitted to check the 'home' page. When I did I found a list of 'allowed' templates which excluded the one I was trying to add. I have added it and all is OK - at least to that stage! With your advice I now have a better understanding of how this template process works - much appreciated. Many thanks, Michael (79 years young)
  4. Many thanks Abdus - I have just checked through all my 'family' settings and they appear to be correct. if I select home->edit->settings->template I can see all my templates. If I want to create a new page under 'home' and select home->new->templates I am restricted to just the templates on the existing top level pages. Interestingly I put some pages into 'trash' and this allowed me to select any template but would not allow me to restore the pages. I don't know whether something has been corrupted or I have missed some steps somewhere. I am using ProcessWire 3.0.62 Thanks again, Michael.
  5. I am working on the backend structure that will contain the data for the finished website. I have already collected data via a number of pages and sub-pages all created successfully with their corresponding templates. I have just added a new page under 'home' with a sample sub-page but when I went to apply the template I wanted to that page it was not visible in the 'settings' dropdown list. The content of this list seems to vary depending on where you are on the tree. The 'home' page has all the templates listed. What is it that determines which template can be used on any particular page and how can I access the template I need?
  6. Thanks Adrian - that solved the problem of the syntax error.
  7. I am just creating my very first template files and have been unable to resolve the following problem. It says the '=' sign is unexpected but I have other templates files where identical code works OK. Is there something I'm missing? I have just included the 2 lines of code involved. Any help would be appreciated. Line 64 $ground-equipment = $page->children(); Line 65 foreach($ground-equipment as $ground) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' in /volume1/web/Testing-Ryan/site/templates/GroundEquipment_Display_Page.php on line 64
  8. Just to close out this entry. I can confirm that ProcessWire will install and run successfully on a Synology NAS (DSM 6.1 - 15047 Update 1). This was achieved some time ago and we are now developing a visitor information system using this setup.
  9. LostKobrakai/matjazp I thank you for your input confirming that ProcessWire can be installed successfully with MariaDB although not specifically on a Synology NAS. My assumption is that it should install OK. There were no plug-ins in the mysql table. The onus is on me now to seek assistance to complete the installation as it is not a ProcessWire issue. Peter Knight - The Synology software is 5.2-5644 Update 3.
  10. Thank you for your response. I have tried to find the plug-in you mentioned. First I found that phpMyAdmin is the web based tool for administering MariaDB and MySQL. I looked for the file you mentioned in phpMyAdmin but did not come up with an exact match but found various plug-in names that might be close. I have attached a screenshot of the contents of the plug-in folder to see if you recognise the file you mentioned in there. If the file is there could you indicate how I would go about disabling it.....
  11. I am not an expert in server side technologies. Has anyone actually installed and used ProcessWire on a Synology NAS? As far as I can see the requirements for ProcessWire are met by the software available on the NAS. I have downloaded the ProcessWire installation folder OK and placed it in the /web folder on the NAS. I have run the installation and eventually got through the first stage after making some changes/corrections. I am now in the 'database connection' phase which unfortunately didn't work. I entered the DB name and DB user but got the following error message: · Database connection information did not work. · SQLSTATE[HY000] [1044] Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database 'ProcessWire1' I had set up a database in phpMyAdmin prior to running the installation. The database on Synology is MariaDB. I am sure my problem is down to my lack of knowledge but any help would be appreciated as to how I could move on.
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