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  1. I'm learning the new namespace of pw3. i found that some of the files under includes folder of skyscrapper2 files has namespace declared but some don't. i dont quit understanding when do declare namespace when don't
  2. 2.8 is working without an issue. 2.7.x is not working with this module.
  3. anyway, I'm going to install pw 2.8 for a quick test.
  4. it is running 2.7.1. The module is running on at least 2.8/3 ?
  5. I installed tracy module. But I could not know how to operate it. Anyway, I could let you access the website as it is just a dummy default installation profile (nothing else). It is just for testing new modules for my own. frontend http://icy-pig-4792.vagrantshare.com/pw271/ admin http://icy-pig-4792.vagrantshare.com/pw271/processwire/ id: admin pass: 123456
  6. Please wait. I have to install the tracy module
  7. Are u referring the module config page ?
  8. I updated the module. But the mentioned problem still exists. Even though multilanguage is disabled on a page, but multilanguage fields are still showing
  9. I don't know how to use it. I installed a multi-language profile. Enabling this module with "Disabled" However, editing an existing content, the multilanguage field still showing multilanguage Should I misunderstand the usage of this module ?
  10. Just found this post and learn this technique. I tried to replicate for a test on this technique posts is template posts post is template post I replicated the code from another post in the _init.php file wire()->addHookBefore('Page::path', function($event) { $page = $event->object; if($page->template == 'post') { // ensure that pages with template 'post' live off the root rather than '/posts/' $event->replace = true; $event->return = "/$page->name/"; } }); If everything is all right, i should access that page with url http://test.local.net/pw3/post-1/ (pw3 is a subfolder of www root) it returned 404 page not found.
  11. While I kept reading each update blog post weekly, I remembered that there is some improvement of multi languages of pw3. However I forgot the content exactly. Is a multi language field can be disable on certain template ? Let say, a title field type is textmulti, in the past, every template using this field must a multi language field In pw3, I could use as a non-multilanguage text field for a template. isn't it ?
  12. If as you said, put them under the Admin parent, ordinary editor (without superuser role), he cannot add new pages of PageTable . is it possible to put them under the Admin page and ordinary editor is still able to add new pages.
  13. I found that there has two github repository of PageTableExtended https://github.com/MadeMyDay/PageTableExtended https://github.com/somatonic/PageTableExtended The problem I came across is the MadeMyDay. The somatonic fork has no such a problem.
  14. When looping the page tree to build a navigation menu, to determine whether a page has child page I always use $page->hasChildren to check for child pages. However this checking is TRUE if for pages created by PageTable field of a template.
  15. Table like I found that the table editing in most of wysiwyg editor is hard to use for an ordinary user without knowing any html knowledge, I always ask for help why the table mess up, cells or cols are not arranged properly. Are there any module that assist user to put a table in a content ? With the pageTableExtended module (a template for table content), developer could able to control the output html and generated a more neat table look and feel.
  16. Isn't it not compatible with pw 2.7.x ? If I changed field type back to pagetable, no issue at all.
  17. I created two pagetable fields used for content layout to replace the free text wysiwyg editor. By clicking the button, no modal window popup
  18. How do u implement a "text column" in pagetable field ? processwire template allowed unique type field in a template. That's you cannot add three body textfield on the same template ? I'm thinking of, are you create three separate text fields for the "text column" pagetable field ?
  19. the site is supporting responsive layout. Users will add in-line images in anywhere of the content body. In this case without using grid to layout content in the body field, the final look view in mobile devices may look not properly
  20. I attached bootstrap grid only classes in ckeditor custom.css Then I put grid class in body content. But why the third column dropped on next line ?
  21. my site is using bootstrap as css framework. My site has a div to fill up a location map image This is the code snippet. The height of the div is fixed. The image is 585x215 <div class="col-xs-6 featured-block"> <div class="box location-map"> <a href="/contact-us/"><img src="assets/img/map-resp.jpg" class="img-responsive"></a> </div> </div> When it full full desktop browser the map shown properly However, resize the browser to mobile size, the height of the image resize too, which it is not my desired.
  22. I have a site setting page. This page can be edit by a role named "content editor" The setting page has some basic fields like site name, meta keywords and description. There are some other fields like GA code and paypal api access information I want these fields keep away from a content editor role. Only the super admin could able to edit. How could i do that? I'm using pw 2.7.3
  23. I would like to hide the "Template", "Parent", "Status", "Who can access this page?" and "Info" under Settings tab of a Page edit form
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