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  1. Just so as you know: The problem was triggered by Kaspersky anti virus software. It seems to interfere with Firefox. Weird but still a problem for all of us, since the combination Firefox/Kaspersky might be rather common.
  2. Sorry for asking this question here, but I cannot ask it in the VIP section because I use an version of FormBuilder that is expired. I have a fairly simple form on a website done with FormBuilder (PW 3.0.148, FormBuilder 0.2.4) that seems to work quite well. I've tested it with Firefox (88.0.1), Chrome, Opera, Edge and it works in all browsers as expected. The form is embedded in the page by pasting the name of the form in the body field. Now my customer tells me, that her Firefox (88.0.1) is blocking the page where the form is embedded: "Firefox may not open this page" for safety reasons. I have no clue as to what seems to be the problem here, since the form is on the same server and has the same domain.
  3. I thought that maybe using the WireArray::Explode function to create an array first and then loop through this array could work. The code looks like this: $content .= '<main class="front">'; // begin list container $content .= '<ul class="topCircles" role="navigation">'; // begin list for nav $items = $page->children('sort=front_position'); // page array $links = $items->explode(function($item) { // turn into a php array return array( 'pos' => $item->front_position, 'url' => $item->url, 'title' => $item->title ); }); $link = reset($links); for ($index = 1; $index <= 16; ++$index) { $content .= '<li class="circle">'; if ($link['pos'] == $index) { $content .= '<a href="' . $link['url'] . '">' . $link['title'] . '</a>'; $link = next($link); } $content .= '</li>'; } $content .= '</ul> </main>'; // end nav and list container This produces a list, but only with one link (the first one with "Text") and 15 empty li elements. $links does contain all the elements though, as shows print_r($links): Array ( [0] => Array ( [pos] => 1 [url] => /rederei/text/ [title] => Text ) [1] => Array ( [pos] => 3 [url] => /rederei/logos/ [title] => Logos ) [2] => Array ( [pos] => 4 [url] => /rederei/plakate/ [title] => Plakate ) [3] => Array ( [pos] => 5 [url] => /rederei/events/ [title] => Events ) [4] => Array ( [pos] => 6 [url] => /rederei/krimitage/ [title] => Krimitage ) [5] => Array ( [pos] => 7 [url] => /rederei/fotografie/ [title] => Fotografie ) [6] => Array ( [pos] => 9 [url] => /rederei/sonstiges/ [title] => Sonstiges ) [7] => Array ( [pos] => 14 [url] => /rederei/ideen/ [title] => Ideen ) [8] => Array ( [pos] => 15 [url] => /rederei/ueber/ [title] => Über ) [9] => Array ( [pos] => 16 [url] => /rederei/mit/ [title] => Mit ) ) Still don't know what's wrong with the loop.
  4. That doesn't do the trick either. Since there are less than 16 pages in $items this produces only – in this case – 10 li elements. And they are without links.
  5. Oops. So how can I achieve this List ?
  6. Hello I'd like to build an unordered list for a front page that looks like this: <ul class="topCircles" role="navigation"> <li class="circle"><a href="#texte">texte</a></li> <li class="circle"></li> <li class="circle"><a href="logos.html">logos</a></li> <li class="circle"><a href="plakate.html">plakate</a></li> <li class="circle"><a href="events.html#">events</a></li> <li class="circle"><a href="krimitage.html">krimitage</a></li> <li class="circle"><a href="fotografie.html">fotografie</a></li> <li class="circle"></li> <li class="circle"><a href="sonstiges.html">sonstiges</a></li> <li class="circle"></li> <li class="circle"></li> <li class="circle"></li> <li class="circle"></li> <li class="circle"><a href="ideen.html">ideen</a></li> <li class="circle"><a href="ueber.html">über</a></li> <li class="circle"><a href="mit.html">mit</a></li> </ul> It's a 4×4 set of circles, some of them with links in it, some without. Redactors should be able to choose, at what position a certain page should be linked to. So I put an integer field (front_position) into the template for these pages, where redactors indicate the desired position for the pages. I tried to achieve all of this with this code: $content .= '<main class="front">'; // Container for circles $content .= '<ul class="topCircles" role="navigation">'; // nav list // Output of 16 li elements with links at the chosen postions $items = $page->children; // Array of pages $item = reset($items); // set the first element of the array // loop for 16 elements; put a link in it where front_position == $index for ($index = 1; $index <= 16; ++$index) { $content .= '<li class="circle">'; if ($item->front_position == $index) { $content .= '<a href="' . $item->url . '">' . $item->title . '</a>'; $item = next($items); } $content .= '</li>'; } $content .= '</ul> </main>'; // Ende Liste und Container This doesn't work though. I only get 16 empty li elements. Thanks for help.
  7. Hi everyone I have a form built with the formbuilder module that uses a datetime field with a date picker. The frontend is in German but it is not a multi language site, so the backend is in English. Is there a way to have the date picker showing the German version in the frontend and the weeks beginning with a monday not a sunday? pw: 3.0.148 FormBuilder: 0.2.4 Locale is set to setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_CH.UTF-8') in the config.php
  8. Ah, I just found the solution: the template of the older version has no namespace. After defining a namespace, the form works fine.
  9. Other modules: FieldtypeTable FormBuilder InputfieldCKEditor somatonic-Emailobfuscator No hooks, everything else is out of the box. Installed profile is default, as of now without any code-modifications.
  10. OK, never mind. I have done it now with a simple template file. Works like a charm and exactly as I wanted.
  11. I've purchased a dev (0.2.4) version of formbuilder some years ago. Now I tried to use it with the new pw 3.0.148 version and it doesn't seem to work. The form is not visible, neither when clicking on the "Preview" tab nor on the page it is embedded on. The source code of the page has only an empty iframe. Is this version I have got not compatible to the new pw version?
  12. No, it is not. Just a plain simple site with one language only. Just one domain.
  13. I haven't used this module until now. I thought I might give it a try for a new site I am developping at the moment. After I installed the module and wanted to have a look at how the sitemap woud look like, I got this notice: and a few other lines as well. Plus this warning: When editing one of the pages, there is this notice: what seems to be the problem here? PW: 3.0.148, MarkupSitemap 0.6.0
  14. I tried to update the module on the live site. Now I get this error message and can't go back to the backend. What can I do to repair this? Edit: So I replaced the module with the version from my local server (1.0.6). Now everything works all right. And all videos become inbedded now. I became aware, that the live server is still running on PHP 5.6. Is it save to switch to php 7.4 with PW 2.5.3?
  15. I can't get the module to work properly on a live site. Everything is working fine on a local installation, but not on the live site. PW: 2.5.3 Multilingual site Body field: TextareaLanguage, Regular CKEditor Textformatters: SmartyPants Typographer, Hanna Code and Video Embed ACF is on On the local xampp installation everything works fine, all videos from youtube and vimeo are correctly embedded. On the live site, videos from youtube are not embedded, nothing happens at all, URL of the video stays untouched. For videos from vimeo something happens, but only part of the embedding takes place. HTML source shows this: <div class='TextformatterVideoEmbed' style='position:relative;padding:30px 0 56.25% 0;height:0;overflow:hidden;'></div>
  16. Hi everybody Is it possible to list fields of referenced pages like this: Template «testresults» contains a page reference field to page with the pupil's personal details (template «pupils»). Now I want to list all the test results (filter template=testresults) plus on each of the listed pages some of the personal details of the pupil. Is that possible, and if so, how? Thanks for help.
  17. On a new pw 3.0.89 installation of mine I've got a problem with role permissions. The setup is like this: Templates: home, basic-page, text-only, folder All of these have no restrictions in the "family" section and all of them have the same access definitions (see edit-template.jpg below) There is a role "redaktor" that has permission to edit, add, delete, move and also clone pages (see permissions.jpg below). Now, when logged in as a user with this role, I can only choose from basic-page and folder. The text-only template is not available.
  18. Hello I tryed to modify the search template so as to search also descriptions of an upload field. $selector = "title|body|upload->description~=$q, include=hidden, limit=50"; That throws the following exception: Exception: Unknown Selector operator: '' -- was your selector value properly escaped? So how is this correctly done? Thanks.
  19. Thanks Adrian I changed all these lines and now it works. Sort of. But: the leaflet.js script that is now loaded still contains links to unsecure sites. I get the following errors/warning:
  20. I changed my site to https using the Let's encrypt certificate. Therefore I uncommented the respective lines in the .htaccess. But the leafletmap module doesn't seem to get this right and includes the css files in the head of the page with http only. So the page doesn't load because of mixed content. Where can I fix this so as the https files become included? Thanks for help.
  21. Thanks a lot. Works like a charm and is – of course – much more elegant than my gobbledigook.
  22. Hi Trying to setup a customized navigation. Page tree looks like this: home – upcoming exhibitions –– exhibition 1 –– exhibition 2 –– … – about – archive –– arch 1 –– arch 2 –– … – impressum Now I'd like to have a navigation, that lists only the subnav of "upcoming exhibitions" but not the one of "archive". I modified a snippet I found here in the forum. It looks like this so far: <nav class="mainNav"> <ul> <?php $homepage = $pages->get('/'); // first item links to the homepage echo "<li><a href='$homepage->url'>Aktuelle Ausstellung / current exhibition</a></li>"; $children = $homepage->children(); // render an <li> for each top navigation item foreach ( $children as $child ) { if ( $child->id == $page->rootParent->id ) { // this $child page is currently being viewed (or one of it's children/descendents) // so we highlight it as the current page in the navigation echo "<li class='active'><a href='$child->url'>$child->title</a></li>"; // if upcoming page has children, list them } elseif($child->id == 1020 && count($child->children)){ // build the subnav and list all items echo "<li><a href='$child->url'>$child->title</a><ul class='upcoming'>"; foreach($child->children as $c){ echo "<li><a href='$c->url'>$c->title<br>{$c->date_from}–{$c->date_to}</a></li>"; } echo "</ul><li>"; // otherwise list only main items } else { echo "<li><a href='$child->url'>$child->title</a></li>"; } } ?> </ul> </nav> This puts out the navigation as wanted, but only for main items (see fig. nav-open.png). As soon as "upcoming exhibitions" or one of its children is active, the navigation collapses (see fig. nav-closed.png). I cannot find out, where I went the wrong way. Thanks for help.
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