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  1. Hi guys, I think i found a bug in this module. There is no Sitemap generated when ProcessWire is installed in a subfolder relative to the root directory. For example: If PW is installed in direct root: www.flipzoom.de - works If PW is installed in the subdirectory: www.flipzoom.de/pw203/ - does not work; trigger a 404 The problem is on line 42 in the MarkupSitemapXML.module. $startpage = $this->sanitizer->path(dirname($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])); The variable $startpage returns "/pw203/" instead of "/". The following should fix the problem. Replace line 42 $startpage = $this->sanitizer->path(dirname($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])); with $startpage = str_ireplace(trim(wire('config')->urls->root, '/'), '', $this->sanitizer->path(dirname($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']))); Best regards, Dave
  2. Our @processwire-module AIOM (All-In-One-Minify) has reached version 2.0.0. Now with backend and domain sharding. http://mods.pw/5q

  3. New version of our ProcessWire module All-In-One-Minify available. Version 1.1.1 fixes a bug and has new features. http://mods.pw/5q

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