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  1. I checked with other test site I had on different server same host and was using PHP 5.4 I changed to PHP 5.4 same result I then noticed database was not utf8 general-ci but tables were Changed database to utf8 general-ci sill same result I deleted installation and installed fresh install of PW2.6.1 changed database to utf8 general-ci before connecting to site and proceeded to install intermediate site profile all conditions were met install was successful and was able to log into site all appears OK
  2. Default admin theme hosting PHP 5.6 Passed all installer conditions No modules installed by me website http://renergy.capetown/ do you need more?
  3. Just upgraded to 2.6.1 Replaced wire dir Same results
  4. This was a brand-new install of 2.6 no error log exists
  5. After login tree fails to load pop up says unknow error I can get to page by Page > Recent > Edited Site does show on web Any ideas where to look Regards Allan
  6. @ kongondo Thanks for the quick reply. I did use Blog 2.0 Both sites use style 1 I will follow your advice I will re-read 4 & 5 above. May-be should learn to 'swim' better before tackling Modules. Thanks again Allan PS I will try other styles and see the difference it makes. Is easy on http://lightning.pw
  7. Found this an incredible asset to test this cms. Thanks to all involved Regards Allan
  8. Hi kongondo I have just uploaded your module to two sites on lightning.pw The first was loaded on a default-site profile http://fermium-z0t.lightningpw.com/ Is this what you would expect to see??? If you click on blog in nav again is this what I should get? The second site was loaded onto a blank profile http://gold-03z.lightningpw.com/ Again is this what you would expect to see??? If I then add /blog to the url http://gold-03z.lightningpw.com/blog/ This is more like what I would expect. ​As a newbie I find it very difficult to continue development with either of these sites.
  9. Hi Has anyone ever tried to create a YUI 3 template as a starting point or would it be a waste of time? I have searched forums with built-in search and google and found nothing of relevance.
  10. Hi again kongondo I do have Github account I will file there and get into process. got to start to be helpful sometime. I will also PM Ryan. Thanks for all your involvement. Will mark as solved Allan
  11. I changed in line #807 in /wire/core/Page.php/ if(!$onlyViewable) return $this->settings['numChildren']; to if(!$onlyVisible) return $this->settings['numChildren']; as suggested by @adrian and this solved the problem of Although this solves the problem of the errors. There is still a problem with the template when viewed @ 150% zoom The site logo is to the left of the page. The menu changes to mobile ie icon. The timing bar in the slider moves outside of the image to the right. I will see what I can find but I feel this is way above my paygrade at present. Also not
  12. Should I send a PM to Ryan in connection with the errors or will he pick up the problem. I would like to mark this post as solved.
  13. Only been here a few days. Tried WP Jummla and Drupal got nowhere. Then Ruby on Rails was getting somewhere but not available the host I could afford. Then found Modx I developed a few sites with it found it suited my way of working and was happy. I wanted to update one of those sites and found I could not install latest Modx Revolution. I then started looking elsware. I spent a week learning and checking out Angulas.js as the site I wanted to build would I felt only be used by people under 40 so needed to be suitable for mobile. I was very impressed with the Angular Documentation
  14. Thanks again kongondo I did not see home as having children. My mistake did not see indentation or did'nt want too. Now makes some sense. I have a local LAMP server LINUX that I used for first install of PW all went well no problems. As the first site I wanted to try needed to be highly responsive for mainly younger people who live by cell/mobile phones that was why I installed the Foundation Profile. I had a foundation template working on MODX but unable to get it working on my host would have to use earlier version (not good idea security wise) Saw you post on MODX and remembered
  15. Hi kongondo Thanks for your detailed explanation I will follow your ideas and also do a bit more reading as you pointed out. One point I do not understand from your explanation home page has no children and about page which uses template basic-page has only 2 children yet output only on home page of 3 <li> + 3 <li> dividers as you showed in HTML source. Also unable to find the HTML output in any of the files. Allan
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