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  1. allanb's post in Tree fails to load in admin was marked as the answer   
    I checked with other test site I had on different server same host
    and was using PHP 5.4
    I changed to PHP 5.4 same result
    I then noticed database was not utf8 general-ci but tables were
    Changed database to utf8 general-ci sill same result
    I deleted installation and installed fresh install of PW2.6.1
    changed database to utf8 general-ci before connecting to site
    and proceeded to install intermediate site profile
    all conditions were met
    install was successful and was able to log into site
    all appears OK
  2. allanb's post in Foundation template problem in top nav bar was marked as the answer   
    I changed in line #807 in /wire/core/Page.php/
    if(!$onlyViewable) return $this->settings['numChildren']; to
    if(!$onlyVisible) return $this->settings['numChildren']; as suggested by @adrian
    and this solved the problem of
    Although this solves the problem of the errors.
    There is still a problem with the template when viewed @ 150% zoom
    The site logo is to the left of the page.
    The menu changes to mobile ie icon.
    The timing bar in the slider moves outside of the image to the right.
    I will see what I can find but I feel this is way above my paygrade at present.
    Also not sure if I should PM @ryan to inform him of problem.
    Also moving this post to a more suitable place as suggested by @kongondo.
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