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  1. I'm sorry if I confused you a bit. To solve the confusion: most cookie banners have only one button with 'OK'. In this case, I think that according to GDPR after each end of the website and closing the browser, the user must again confirm the OK button. In the case of your cookie banner, the user can save his decision and that obviously lasts according to the GDPR law (thank @ Jozsef's explanation) until the user wants to decide again whether to accept cookies or decline (this is mainly about GA , Matomo etc. or Marketing Cookies). But where - that was my question. The answer I found later in the readme: I have to program it myself ... 🙂 You are right that the developer or programmer can program how and where the user cancels his consent. Only I like to use such a module as a black box. I set the functions and nothing is left to do. 🙂 Therefore I would have liked the idea quite nicely if you make a slide-button (a small tab) at the bottom of the website, which shows the possibility of the revoke, so that I can easily set that in the backend, if I want that or not. I found this here: https://cookieconsent.osano.com/examples/example-4-opt-out.html Some like such a solution, some do not. I think I remember that the GDPR law provides that it must be made as easy as possible for the user to make a revoke. For me as a designer, this solution appeals. Maybe not really necessary, but still.
  2. I've read so many websites that I do not want to list that now. Every time I think the GDPR has to be right now, I read something and become uncertain again. Sorry, I forgot the link: https://ico.org.uk/media/about-the-ico/consultations/2013551/draft-gdpr-consent-guidance-for-consultation-201703.pdf Exactly - never ask a lawyer, then it's really long and expensive 🙂 Of course they do that exactly to protect themselves. The problem is that there are so many uncertainties that many points have to be judged first. But I believe that with a legal discussion here we break the question to the module and are off topic.
  3. Thanks for your link, I will read later. You are right, it is annoying for the user. I'm not an expert right now and maybe I misunderstood it, too, and that means that once you save it as a personal attitude, it may take longer. But in any case - and you write that too - the user has to be given the opportunity to revoke a given consent every time he returns to the website (ie when he has closed the browser window and has finished the browser!) , Hence my question @adrian earlier. @adrian: after writing this, I thought about looking in the module directory and found in the readme: This answers my question, but Adrian, maybe there is the possibility to define this in the module settings and with a small "flag" at the end of the website to call a button for it, as I believe in Silktide.
  4. This is evident from the legal text that has been cited many times by various websites. That may be handled differently in different countries. It goes so far that also has to be saved, who has given an approval. You can do this here e.g. read, I quote from it: "Clearly, after the session ends and the link between the user and the session is destroyed, you will need to seek fresh consent each time the user returns to your website."
  5. Hi Adrian, Thanks for the great module, it really is very easy to get involved. However, in order to comply with the GDPR, the user must be able to decide again after each session whether he agrees or not. I can not find this function. Is it possible to install this?
  6. You are Great adrian!! No more error in admin, I´ll try it in template tomorrow - it´s time to catch some hours sleep 😴 Greetings from Austria!
  7. Thanks for the help @adrian but that seems to exceed my php knowledge. I see the __construct() functions in the modul-files, but I don´t know what exactly to do.
  8. @adrian Where should I implement this class? I tried it in FieldtypeBusinessHours.module without effect.
  9. Thanks for your quick reply! Is there no way to rewrite the code for earlier PHP version?
  10. Hi, I have PHP 5.4.45 and PW 3.0.106 and get this error: Fehler: Class 'DateTimeImmutable' not found (Zeile 51 in /home/wwwapow/public_html/cms/site/modules/_FieldtypeBusinessHours/FieldtypeBusinessHours.module) How can I solve this error? Thanks for help!
  11. In addition to @MindFull: you will find the css for the ckeditor here: wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/contents.css. Find the css for .figure and change to this: figure { display: table; /*width: 1px;*/ margin: 1em 0; } if css for .img is only to width: 100% change to: img { max-width: 100%; } change the css for the .figure.align-center as follows: img.align_center, img.align-center, figure.align_center, figure.align-center { /* RCD display: block; */ display: table !important; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } Now you can see in ckEditor image and capturetext (checked title) in the middle. For fontend you must add in your css: img.align_center, img.align-center, figure.align_center, figure.align-center { float: unset !important; display: table !important; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; margin-bottom: 10px; } In most cases, the definition of position left and right is wrong in the frontend, so copy the css for all the "alligns" from content.css to your style. best regards
  12. Hi @mds, it´s a little bit tricky, I had that too in the front- and backend - for the editor you will find a css in: /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/contents.css. My solution was to comment out the width: figure { display: table; /*width: 1px; */ margin: 1em 0; } But note, if you make an update, this change may be gone! So check, if you can define this css for figure on a custom css file or directly in the site-source. best regards
  13. Hi, since I have installed PW 3.0.88 with new CKEditor the Toolbarbuttons Paste from Word/PlainText don´t work anymore. It says "Your browser does not allow you to paste plain text this way. Press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste.". This seems to be a problem since CK Version 4.7/4.8. Is there any solution to that? Thanks for help!
  14. Hi, I hope someone or this module can help: After relaunch the URL changed from www.shoppingwels.at/apotheken/apothekenkalender.php to www.shoppingwels.at/apotheken/ The script from apothekenkalender.php is now inside PW (/site/...) and as /apotheken/ is in the PW-tree I can no longer link inside the Folder (is that really true? or can I change something in htaccess?). The Problem too is. this is a Service for pharmacy and the Drugstores want to iframe to this file. So I helped me and made the script twice in another Folder /apothekendienste/ which is not in PW. But Google has the link (good SEO for me) Apotheken-Kalender von Wels mobil www.shoppingwels.at/apotheken/apothekenkalender.php Bereitschaftsdienst der Welser Apotheken inklusive Gunskirchen, Buchkirchen und Marchtrenk. Alle Sonn- und Feiertags- und Nachtdienste. So I tried in htaccess: Redirect 301 /apotheken/apothekenkalender.php http://www.shoppingwels.at/apotheken/ but this will not work! So what can I do to redirect from my old URL to /apotheken/ - thank you for helping
  15. You are great!! Now it works fine! thanks
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