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  1. This is a really excellent example of a job posting, thanks Jason! You included all the info that I think people would be looking for. I also think it's very good that you included a timeframe.
  2. I also use those designs in my portfolio or keep it as inspiration for the next job.
  3. Hello everyone! What do you do once a superbly sensible design goes unused as, not because of your fault, the client loses interest within the project?
  4. fastpurplemedia

    Movie Talk

    Avengers is an awesome movie.
  5. Hello Wanze, I describe before that the non-local site has a dedicated IP, due to this the idea of open two tabs or two different browsers is worthless.
  6. Hello Dragan, I tried this before but not helpful for me.
  7. Hello.. I'm working on a website locally using Xampp and I need to access the non-local site at the same time. The non-local site has a dedicated IP. Is there any way to open the non-local site (so I can copy and paste) while still viewing the local site? I thought about accessing it with the IP but it resolves to the domain name. Thanks in advance.
  8. Check these: http://www.php.net/ http://www.w3schools.com/ http://www.learnphponline.com/ http://www.phpbuddy.com/
  9. It is really a very nice site. Designs are very bold.
  10. Its a nice and cool website..but it is taking little bit of extra time to open.
  11. Hello Ant Knight, You made a great post of Processwire.
  12. A friend of mine tell me about process wire.
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