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  1. I use ckeditor for my textareas. Now, I'd like to ask if it'd be possible to include in core to have it so that when an image is inserted into the textarea, the image src is the absolute uri instead of relative to root. Basically, in ProcessPageEditImageSelect::executeResize() method, the src of the returned image can be set to $image->httpUrl instead of just $image->url. With that in place, we can now ask authors of the ckeditor module to add an option to be able to return absolute uri or use default of root relative uri. Now, please, no discussions about merits of absolute vs relative urls. I'm for relative urls, but I need absolute urls for this project and I'd prefer not to hack core if I can.
  2. Hmmmmm.. the 2nd option is a good idea. although I know that the client (yes it's the client who'll be doing this regularly) will sometimes use an image both in the body and gallery. Will try it out when I get back home but if all images in all image fields come up in the editor then it should be all good. thanks adrian!
  3. I have a template with an image field. Some of the uploaded images in the page are used in the page body (via tmce editor). I'd like to have the option to show these images as a gallery after the page body content (I actually use started off from the blog profile). But, ONLY SOME of the images. Not all. I was thinking there could be a field that would list all the uploaded images on the current page, then, using asmselect or something similar, I could select images (or files) that I'd like to show up in the gallery/slideshow. ordering would be nice but not needed. but I can't seem to find what I need in the modules section. maybe someone already built one?
  4. I created this module http://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-edit-per-role/ exactly (almost) for this purpose. My use-case was that I needed to give users edit/add permissions on certain branches (sections) of the site - regardless of template. I believe this is also what you are looking for. There is also another module referred to by @soma http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3629-page-edit-per-role/?p=35510 which is another way of doing it. Anyhow, I hope these links will help you find what you need.
  5. You could also look at Piwik https://piwik.org/faq/new-to-piwik/#faq_47
  6. I too like it. Only one issue I find with it. The "W" inside the circle reminds me of WordPress. That's the first thing that popped to mind. And the blue color scheme doesn't help since it's also close to the WP blue color scheme. That's just me though.
  7. actually I thought it was custom made or something (not using a framework) or a cvs like wordpress repo didn't really think a repo would be powered by a forum app though but so cool to know modules dir is built on pw
  8. The module repository is built on ProcessWire?
  9. Maybe you'll want to describe the whole thing in more detail? Like the structure of the elements in the page, what the elements are for and such. If anything else, someone here might be able to help you *rethink* how to better implement things. who knows, maybe you don't need a repeater
  10. +100 likes. I've been developing on WordPress for 3 years both doing plugins and custom theme development. I found ProcesssWire while looking for another CMS to learn. What converted me was this page http://processwire.com/api/selectors/, the fact that almost EVERYTHING was derived from WireArray and the EVERYTHING as a *page* concept. This was something that I never found in other CMSs I've looked at.
  11. Just wondering what the Page Paths module does. Not really sure what this means in the module description
  12. try this for finding your $class. and you'll still want to pass $currentPage to succeeding calls to listChildren. and you probably don't need to figure out $subclass. I'm not sure though. if($child === $currentPage){ //this is if the $currentPage is on the first level right after home //OR if the $currentPage is 2+ levels down $class = "current"; } elseif( $child === $currentPage->rootParent ){ //this should only fire on the first level. //look for the rootParent of the $currentPage //this is if the $currentPage is 2+ levels down and we are on first level. //this should assign "current" to the rootPage - page nearest the home $class = "current"; } else { $class = ""; }
  13. nice @martijn this one is new to me. how do you *clean* the $config->scripts array?
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