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  1. Thanks Craig. I just checked the API, and it appears renderPage() is not a native function. Any idea where custom functions are stored? Edit: Nevermind. Just found it under "Modules." Man, this is a lot different than Wordpress. Lol...
  2. Hey folks, I've never used ProcessWire before. I took a quick look at the API documentation, but wasn't able to find anything that met my needs. I would like to add a JavaScript snippet to specific pages. We're implementing a heatmapping tool, and each page that it will be implemented on will have a unique JS code that can only appear on that page. My first thought was to look into the template file for the actual page, but I'm not quite sure which method to use to say "Only add this Javascript code to this page." Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a screenshot of one of the template pages in question. I didn't write it, but perhaps it could be helpful.
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