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  1. Hi, there is a post here describing some strange behave. I don't really know whats going on there and if the ImageSizer is invoked in this, but when looking into ImageSizer->resize (Line 284 and following) there is not really checked the result of write-to-file functions. Maybe it would be better to do something like: $result = imagejpeg($thumb2, $dest, $this->quality); ... if($result===false) return false; or at least do a check at the end and return the result of $this->loadImageInfo() instead of always return true.
  2. Hi, - sorry, I might not of great help in this, but it maybe that this behave not only target the module but also the ImageSize-core: you should post or reference in this Topic too: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/1448-proper-image-type-checking-instead-of-extensions-for-imagesizer/ The new site on the same server is pw 2.2.15 too?
  3. Short info about progress: I've setup a test with nearly 30 very different images: downsized from original dimensions to 1200, 700, 300 px in one step and for following qualities: 100, 96, 93, 90, 85, 80 there are no differences in filesize or they are less than 1% to my surprise the quality of GD2 is much better than I have had in mind (maybe I've remembered the GD1 ??, - to my apologize: I've done all image processing locally with Photoshop for the last - ?? - oh god, it seems to be true: for the last 6-7 years) In very dark parts of images both libs show good differences with details, also details of highkey parts are nearly equal with both image processors. Only the sharpness of Netpbm is a little bit better than with GD. But it's that little that it is hard to see when placing to images besides. (when switching in an imageviewer one can see it). (a table comparing imagesizes is here) --- intermediate conclusion: I will focus on GD2 and do some tests with sharpening and multi-step-sizing, also high prior is on Metadata reading and writing on schedule with less prior maybe Watermarking with alpha-transparency-png. I think, best way to writeback metadata is to build a module that hooks in before image-size process starts and once again after image-sizer has finished: public function init() { $this->addHook('WHAT IS THE RIGHT HOOK FOR THIS?', $this, 'readMetadata'); $this->addHookAfter('AND FOR THIS?', $this, 'writeMetadata'); } Is this the right way? And if yes, how are the names for the HOOKs? Any advice is welcome.
  4. It not only makes sense, it is also elegant.
  5. @Pete: have tested it on Windows with the zip-extension, in main it works very smooth! here are what I have explored: A Typo in Line 271: you check for Backupfolder to exclude itself strpos($file, 'ScheduleBackups\backups' but in folder site->modules there is no 'ScheduleBackups', only 'backups' for now. when starting a backup with a zip-name that already exists, - the file will be used and updated, this is by design / behave of the zip-extension (it was first time I used it). Could be useful could be not, just wanted to note it. the (memory) bottleneck is here: $zip->addFromString(basename($source), file_get_contents($source)); because reading a hole file into memory, passes it over to zip-function where it gets compressed can lead in memory consumption of 3-4 times the filesize! When testing with 64MB available memory for php, I was not able to add a file bigger than 14MB. It craches the Apache for a second! Maybe there are functions with the zip-lib that provide passing files by chunks to the archive. I havn't checked at php.net. Maybe one could try to increase memory usage with ini_set(). Also I do not know how it behaves with memory usage when using system calls on Unix. Probably there may be a limit too. You can use php-function memory_get_usage() compared against ini_get('memory_limit') to be up to date of available memory resources I use little helper-class for that, For now there is no output to screen when do a manual backup. If you want provide it in a simple text output for every file or only directory passed to archive you can disable output caching with these directives: if(function_exists('apache_setenv')) @apache_setenv('no-gzip', '1'); @ini_set('zlib.output_compression', 'Off'); @ini_set('output_buffering ', '0'); @ini_set('implicit_flush', '1'); @ob_implicit_flush(true); @ob_end_flush(); echo 'some info'; @ob_flush(); These ones may be useful too: set_time_limit( 0 ); ignore_user_abort( true ); All other is perfect to me. As I've said above: runs very smooth! This is a must have!
  6. ok, I've had already copied the ImageSizer.php ImageMagick I never have used. All what I've heard about is that there are many Versions out with different Bugs. And it uses much memory and cpu. I've worked with the NETPBM some time ago and it produces very good results. It is a set of commandline apps what one has to pipe together.
  7. Oh, I see - you're right. The .htacces-file mostly would be not writable and also more often isn't the problem. Maybe only test with HTTP-HEAD for the admin-page and inform the user if it is not reachable. So he get warned and frustration isn't that big as it could be now And yes, I would like if you add the additions to the class. ( afterwards I can tell everyone who wants to hear about or not, that I've provided code to the core of one of the best CMS out there! ) ( but I wouldn't tell that it actually was a total of 6 or 7 lines )
  8. What has you set as DocumentRoot in httpd.conf of Apache?
  9. Hhm, I don't want use the GD2-lib at some point because it lacks in quality. Also I want to add Metadata (IPTC, XMP, ...) back to resized images. (It's just curious, I'm not aware of any CMS, Blog or even webdriven Photogallery that takes care of this!) I need to know a way how to bypass PW-internal image-sizing. This must not be necessary for a complete PW-site, but possibly could. It is mandatory for images added to a specific Part (Template? / Gallery?) of the site. I want to: - read Metadata - resize image with alternate ImageProcessor - write back Metadata Any ideas or starting points for this? To be more clear: I know how to do the image-processing, but not how to integrate the alternate process into PW.
  10. http://modules.processwire.com/ has no favicon
  11. Hi, why not use a USB(3) storage (16 GB Stick in wallet) and on both machines a backup | synch | versioning software. (seems to me much faster) If it must be an online solution, maybe there is something for the mac like a CVS-Server (or subversion or other). You could put this on a home machine and access with dyndns-ip. Additionaly you have a versioning system than! (couldn't live without anymore) I'm working on windows and use free CVS-NT Server for about 8 years now. As clienst I use Tortoise-CVS, what was forked to Tortoise-SVN somedays when subversion came into more popular. I have no clue what is better or not, my CVS-NT server now is runninng on a 6 or 7 years old P4 with WinXP. I use it as a Netstorage too, and it fetches everyday a radio program what is loved by my son (and other radio shows too) If you have not an old windows box somewhere stand in the corner, it may also be possible to use a VirtualBox together with any WinOnly-Solution or any Linux/Unix-Solution.
  12. Hi, while exploring PW from the filesystem I've found 'Http.php' and as of my difficultys when starting with PW, I was wondering why not sending a HTTP-HEAD-Request to the admin-page-url at the end of the install process and inform the user if .htaccess isn't configured the right way. So, I was a bit wiser after opening the class-file: there was no support in it for HEAD, only GET and POST. As I've build a own http-client-class a hundred years ago, it was not much work to implement the HEAD-method as well. (added 1 Line) Maybe it should be added a http->status(url-to-adminpage)-check at end of install-routine to inform the user if it responses other than 200. (at least a link to apropriate forum-topic or provide direct information how to solve that) ---- Edit/Added: Every few days a new user run into same problem look at this post and the following two. (I really can feal the pain he has). And all the helpful people here try to explain how to solve it everytime and again and again. So, if it is not a kind of test to new users, the install-routine should solve that for them, and other as I've mentioned above, it should/could be done in the background, because everything needed is the .htaccess-file which is created by PW itself and some HTTP-Requests. If default install is 404 for admin page: compare $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] with install folder of PW and write appropriate Path as RewriteBase into .htaccess-file and check again. If it responses '200 OK' now, - fine. If not, - tell user that there are Problems with this and point him to Forum-FAQ. So, if it is actually a test to the new users weakness or strength with stressy situations, ok - any admin/moderator should silently delete this post and I never will ask again. ---- --- In API I have not found how we can use the WireHttp-class, (Searchphrases like HTTP and Request etc are not very useful) Can someone point me to it please?
  13. I have installed the very first version of the module four hours ago, and I like it. With my Mailserver all behaves as expected, where as Ryan has an issue what needs to be solved. Have send a new version to him and need some feedback, - and also some sleep now. -
  14. <smartass>Hmm well, - actually it seem that you first was right, because these only are two german words: Das ist cool ...</smartass> --- <no-smartass> here are some of my favourites </no-smartass> -------------- - Los Lobos : http://www.loslobos.org/site/player/index.html?album=8 - Blood Sweat & Tears : - Calexico : http://lads.myspace.com/videos/MSVideoPlayer.swf?mute=0&ptype=100&el=http%3a%2f%2fwww.myspace.com%2fcasadecalexico&on=1&sr=1&ap=0&primaryColor=&secondaryColor=&m=41106094&mt=video&uid=-1&cc=de-DE&hw=0&searchID=0&dc=agr=0;gen=M;page=11013005;pos=leaderboard;tvvc=9;tvvid=41106094;tvch=35954380;tvcid=7867413;lbl=;mc=0;len=t;u=tvch=35954380,tvcid=7867413,tvvid=41106094,page=11013005,lbl=;&mc=400&g=M&ar=0&pg=11013005&skin=http://lads.myspacecdn.com/videos/default.xml&hb=false&adp=11&sfs=1&preTag=sz=1x200;&midTag=sz=1x204;&postTag=sz=1x203;&tickTag=sz=1x202;&illum=true&trackingID=7867413&ssprod=true&ht=false&clickTag=&logerr=false&unp=0&cip=
  15. don't want to be to nosey, ... but what are the other "other two words" ?
  16. ? --> http://dict.leo.org/?search=modest Aha! - Call me too. @Joss: I like the music and also the photography.
  17. Hi, as I also don't know where could be the right place to post it, so I use this thread too I've located a behave what confused me a little: When accessing a ForumThread from one of the Lists (e.g. /talk/forum/13-tutorials/) with a desktop browser I will be directed to the first Post of it (or I've to use the link behind the date-display that directs to the last Post) When accessing the same ForumThread using the (only one available) link with an iPhone I will be directed to the last Post. So not bad, but confusing me a little. (Maybe younger and more flexible people even not realize it enough to remember about it)
  18. Hi, if it could be of interest at some point for the however named 'Deutsche Seite': I've found a german translation of the GNU v.2 which is meant as an explanation to people not very familiar with english language, but not as a replacement of the original licence. http://www.medien-kooperative.de/bibliothek_gnu_gpl_2_deutsch.html
  19. Hi Ryan, this is very nice to provide some help. Just spouting off ideas, which you may have already covered, but: Email sent to a confidential email address from a recognized sender's email (any other security necessary?) Email must be strictly confidential, also a list of valid sender emails or a single sender email. Additionally one could define any Email-Header as mandatory, - this maybe very individually depending on Mobilephone, Email-Provider, etc. Use the email body as the 'body' of the page. Yes, this will be the difficulty part of that thing, because many Mailer send mixed plainText and HTML Mails or MultipartMessages with 3, 4 and more Bodyparts. Also many people will use automatic added Mailsignatures what should not be passed into every post Maybe something like a defined start- and end- string or Tag is best solution, because one can parse all Bodyparts to match this. ?? I wanted to make sure I understood the code side of what you've already got. Is the source also available to these includes? require_once( dirname(__FILE__) . '/mime_parser.php' ); require_once( dirname(__FILE__) . '/rfc822_addresses.php' ); require_once( dirname(__FILE__) . '/pop3.php' ); require_once( dirname(__FILE__) . '/sasl.php' ); require_once( dirname(__FILE__) . '/hn_basic.class.php' ); require_once( dirname(__FILE__) . '/hn_picts.class.php' ); Yes these are phpclasses from Manuel Lemos, licensed under http://opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.html . The classes are hosted at http://hn273.users.phpclasses.org/browse/author/1.html The two classes beginning with hn_... are mine and also free for use. I PM you a url with ZIP of the whole package that you can have a closer look to it. Also wanted to mention a typo: if( preg_match( '#^image/[jpeg|png|gif].*$#', $p['Headers']['content-type:'] )!==1 ) Uuups. RegEx are not my friend Thank's. Horst
  20. Hi Philipp, many thanks for these tips. The main part what I have not understand till now is how you have passed the image-data or imagefile to the importer-module. But maybe I first should install it and play around a bit with xml-feeds to see and learn how it works. Horst
  21. Hi Philipp, hi Ryan, the idea of Philipp was very inspiring to me. So I have thought a bit about that and came to conclusion that the most common denominator is Email. Every smartphone supports Imagesharing via Email, and also one can put up an Image from DesktopPC. I've put together some php-classes to access POP3-Accounts, retrieve and parse Messages to (first find ) and extract Images. I have uploaded it as a first 'proof of concept'. In this state it retrieves the _first_ image from Message, regardless if it is attached, inline-attached, if it is a Textmail or HTML-Mail or from other MultiPart-Mails. The Subject from Email could be the Title of a Post. Adding Bodytext could be an option, but is not very foolproof with that lot of different Email-Mime-Types, but would be posible with some more amount of coding-time. Interesting Option could be to send Title in MailSubject and a Image-URL in MailBody - fetch the Image from URL and process it. Also sending multiple Images could be possible. - So, as I can do the above stuff by myself, I'm not able to put the ProcessWire-Part together at this time. (Maybe next year, - but not for now ;-) ) My question is: "Philipp, can you provide the code / example for the Import into ProcessWire?" If you like, we can put it together to become it a Plugin Module, maybe? At current state my class provides a array with str-Title and str-Imagedata per Mail. (processing till there is on the fly without using diskfiles) The current Setup can be viewed here: http://biriba.de/pw_pop3/pw_pop3_test.php But, please, no stress-tests! Emailadress is in the top-left corner, you may send a picture by mobilephone to it (around 500 px or smaller would be fine, because all images get scaled down to 320px for the test) and reload the page after a minute or two. Horst
  22. Hi, I have had some (more) trouble to get started with PW :-( In my php.ini the default_charset was set to 'ISO-88591' or something similar. So, as the DB uses utf8 and the pages are delivered in utf8, php is required to use it too. If not you can run into errors when try to save strings with e.g. german umlaute: äöü ÄÖÜ Incorrect string value: '\xFCchte ...' for column 'data' at row 1 I'm not sure if this was checked with the install routine, but I have seen only green lines Maybe this could be done to avoid some hassle to users with a setup other than utf8. Or it maybe an option to add "ini_set('default_charset','utf8');" somewhere at the top of index.php, and to be very very sure (also for paranoics like me ) one can set and check it: ini_set('default_charset','utf8'); $php_use_utf8 = strtolower(trim(ini_get('default_charset')))=='utf8' ? true : false; Ok, now I can start try out that wonderful CMS
  23. Hi Radek, yes you are right, that was needed I has to comment out the line: # RewriteBase / and also my Apache httpd.conf wasn't set right In the FAQ I have found a Thread about how to test for that: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/1-what-is-the-admin-login-url/#entry24096 And yes, I've better should used the search-function before posting this thing Horst
  24. Hi, I'm very impressed of ProcessWire and want to test it local, so that I can see if I can handle it to use it for my website. So, I'm very new to ProcessWire and have installed the latest stable Version from ZIP to an Apache on Windows. Installprocess is perfect: everything green When it comes to "7. Use The Site!" - I can access the root url but not the admin-section: "http://localhost/processwire/" From the RootSite I also cannot go to another page: /about/ - /site-map/ - /templates/ The directories/files in htdocs are: /site/ |--assets/ |--install/ |--modules/ |--templates/ |--config.php /wire/ |--core/ |--modules/ |--templates-admin/ |--config.php |--index.config.php /index.php /.htaccess Maybe there is something wrong with the automatic created .htaccess-file? (I cannot find any of the url-parts within it: processwire about templates site-map) Horst
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