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Today I can finally share a project with you, that started about two years ago. Together with a colleague (the daughter of the client) I did the concept and design and a click-dummy for a course of my studies. Half a year later after finishing my studies we then did some clean-up and I programmed it in ProcessWire. And now nearly a year later all the content—texts, photos and a lots of tech. information—is ready, too, so it can soft-launch on monday.


The client is a small local company selling mostly LED lighting. They've a handful of quite flexible systems to build on, which can be adapted to a lot of use cases, as well as the ability to custom build things if needed. While they're not a very big company their portfolio has lot's of great national and even some international projects to offer.

It was a really nice experience working with them and I'm really happy that even things like well written texts have finally found it's way into the website. Others may have just published it halfway through the project.


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Is it really working for you? If I click a linked image or the link above on the homepage, I always get a blank page. These are the links I am talking about (Systemprodukte, Projektleuchten, Innenbeleuchtung, Aussenbeleuchtung).


As you can see - a blank page ???

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On my computer the problem is still there. I have tested it also with different browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari - always the latest version) - very strange behaviour.

If some other users read this maybe they could test it on their computers and post their results here.

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It's a blank page here too (better saying absolutely nothing). No errors in Network tab, nor in the console.

Also the Cookie-Nutzung never goes away - perhaps it is something with the cache? Or sessionFingerprint?

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