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For a new project going online very soon i would need an option "clear cache for the saved page and its children". should not be that complicated to implement? i'm wondering why this is not already built in - didn't this need come up before? :)


i have a catalog-like site structure. for every page i have a point of contact (POC) to choose. if nothing is chosen, it will show the POC of the parent page (recursively). that way i can define POCs for whole sections at once - with the only problem that when caching is turned ON and the client changes the POC of one category the POC will still remain on the cached children :(

maybe anyone can point me to the right direction for hooking or forking this request on github?


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great news!

this feature is now in the core - and you can guess, ryans solution is far better than my initial module :)https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-core-updates-pull-requests-and-more-2.5.25/#clear-page-cache-by-matching-pages-with-custom-selector

again a great example of how processwire evolves from the needs of every single user. thank you teppo for taking this further!



how would i set the "has_parent" id to page id of the page that is being saved?

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