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PW front end user profile

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i have managed to login and logout and change password for user from PW front end with the help of 


many thanks to @ryan

but now i need it little advance

1. i want to have option for login users to save some pages as FAV and can see in their profile.

how exactly i can do that ?

do i need to create some fields in users Template , how login users can press button on page to put as FAV & if he is not logged in it goto LOGIN Page.

2. and User Name and Phone Number and Pic in user profile.


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In your template list, there's a collapsed filterform on the top, there you can enable the visibility of system templates. Then you can add fields to the user template. If you need to show those fields in the profile site of the admin backend you can enable them in the settings of the ProcessProfile module. To use them on the frontend there's no need to do that. 

As for the actual saving of the faves, you could use a page field, where you store the faved pages. 

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Hello LostKobrakai,

thanks for your reply and i totally understand. but the only issue i am getting now is how to use AJAX to save page to page field.

i am trying but its not working.

can you help me some little code for link or button to use AJAX to save that page ID in pagefield of user profile?


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You can call all the pages you normally use via ajax. In the corresponding templates php file you can check for ajax requests like this: 

  //Not AJAX

Everything else is business as usual.

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