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500 Internal Server Error After Successful PW Install on GoDaddy Server


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I just completed what appeared to be a completely successful PW install on a GoDaddy host.  I'm using a temporary sub-domain for the current main site (done in Word Press, which I'm replacing).  The main site is www.neighborhoodseweranddraincleaning.com (I didn't come up with that domain name, by the way...).  The sub-domain is pw.neighborhoodseweranddraincleaning.com and is now active.  The install informed me that the database connected properly, etc, etc..  So now the basic PW starter home page appears at the above sub-domain, however, attempting to view another page or go to the /processwire/ admin throws a 500 Internal Server Error.  This is a fresh "successful" install.  Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!

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