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  1. Thanks for the Help Soma. Yea I am still getting use to php and processwire. I will definitely nix the use of the $GLOBALS upon final testing. Just using it due to where I am loading the site. As for the issue. It seems that either addHookAfter or addHook work. It was all an issue with the fact that the FieldtypeSelect.module wasn't loaded or installed correctly. Once that got re-installed all was fine. Once again thanks for the help! Processwire's forums are great! Oh and btw, I am using version 2.3.0, just fyi. Not that it probably matters anymore!
  2. Hello, I am having a strange issue that I can't quite figure out. I have a frontenduserprofile module setup on my processwire site, and it works flawlessly on a local testing environment, however I keep getting "Fatal error: Exception: Method Page::renderLoginForm does not exist or is not callable in this context" when visiting the site on the live test server. Here is the live page: http://icareforthecure.com/test/donations/ Here is my template code for the page: http://code.stypi.com/i3i2uno/donationsPage.php And here is the module code: http://code.stypi.com/i3i2uno/frontenduserprofile.php Any ideas on why the page isn't loading?? Thank you in advance!
  3. Yes it is. Not really developed as a membership site. Kind of a last minute decision by the client to have a customer login, but to answer your question lundy. Yes it is...
  4. Thanks so much arjen. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the help!
  5. Hello, I am starting to build a project for a client that wants a customer portal. I have begun playing around with the FrontEndUserProfile module and all is working. My question is essentially wrapping my head around exactly how to setup my "tables/fields" so that I can have a many to one relationship. (most of my experience is with MSSQL and asp.net) Basically I need to create a table that holds donation amounts for users. Each user can have multiple donation amounts. And I want to be able to call "Select * donations where $user->id == $donationId orderby dateAsc" (I know that this context is off but I hope you get the idea) I am still wrapping my head around exactly how PW makes these api calls and how the fieldtypes work, and I am probably making this harder than it has to be because it seems that PW has an easy answer for nearly everything. Can someone point me in the right direction on how best to accomplish this with PWire? Thanks!
  6. @kongondo, thank you for your help. Basically what it boiled down to was my ignorance. lol. And my lack of patience and/or eagerness to continue development instead of reading instructions. But incase anyone that visits this thread is experiencing the same problems, here you go: So first off, if you want to use a remote MySQL database when developing locally you need to make sure that you create the DB so that you have outside access (this is an advanced option with godaddy). Once you do this, it is relatively straightforward. Just plug in your DB information into the config file and you should be okay. Even with relatively stock my.ini settings in the XAMPP config it seems to work... As for the reason its not loading on the live server, its because I failed to read the email that godaddy sent saying that the ftp server is ready, but my files/site won't be visible for another 24-28 hours... Hopefully it will work shortly. Anyways thanks again @kongondo for the help...
  7. so I contacted godaddy and apparently MySQL is version 5.0.96 so that shouldn't be the problem. Also, I already went through most of the links that you provided to no help. Thanks though. As for the .htaccess file and all files being loaded correctly they are all there, no problems (at least not what I can figure). I've never actually done this with xampp/apache servers so maybe it can't be done? I run local testing environments with IIS and .NET all the time while connecting to databases remotely. I was hoping I could do the same with this apache/xampp. Maybe not?
  8. Hello, I am relatively new to processwire, but so far it has seemed like a dream come true in regards to a CMS that my clients can actually use. I've setup my project locally and I have done an average amount of development. I want to load the server to a live test account so that my client can see it. I loaded all the files to the server, and I created a mysql database. Did an import, grabbed the database connection information, and would like to use the remote database within my local development environment. So I just changed the config file to fit the information, but it can't connect to the the remote database. Keep in mind this is a MySQL database hosted by godaddy (they always seem to have different rules) The site when loaded on a live test server won't load either. A 500 error is thrown on both accounts. I have double and triple checked that my config information is correct, so I am quite sure that is not the issue(at least when talking about the host, name, user, pass, etc). One thing that I am a little unsure of is does processwire have an issue with MySQL 5.0? Because that is what the database is running on with the Godaddy account. The MySql on my local Xampp server is 5.5.32 and runs fine when using the local database. Could this be the issue? I am going to continue to troubleshoot, and its probably just some error that I am overlooking, but just wanted to reach out to you guys and see if you had any ideas. Thanks!
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